#TinThoughts: Bear Weather Is The Perfect Temperature


The Los Angeles Rams got a real taste of Bear Weather Sunday Night. The coddled California team stepped into Soldier Field and lost to the Bears 15-6 in front of 60,000 very warm, loud Chicagoans.

As always, we start with Mitchell Trubisky. There is no beating around the bush here folks, QB1 looked awful. I am going to hope it was a bit of rust and he will return to form next week against the Packers. Mitch would have been deadly accurate if his receivers were each 9 feet tall, unfortunately that is not the case. He was able to gain some yards on the ground but that won’t win games. If this team wants to actually make some noise in the playoffs, Mitch is going to need to play much better than he did Sunday night. He should wake up and thank the Lord he has a world class defense. If not for them, the talk of the town would be how poorly #10 played in the biggest game of the year.

What more can be said about this defense. It is safe to say they have cemented themselves with the best defenses in Chicago Bears history. I previously said they were in that second tier of all time defenses for the Bears. I now think it is fair to compare them to the 2006 Bears defense. We are not going to compare them to that 85 defense just yet folks. The Los Angeles Rams entered the game with one of the most feared offenses in the NFL. The offense left Chicago resembling more of a Powder Puff offense led by juniors in high school. The Bears were in the Rams backfield as much as Todd Gurley was. They pressured Goff on 18 drop backs, leading to a career high 4 interceptions from the MVP candidate. The Bears also held the other MVP candidate on the Rams in check. Todd Gurley only managed 28 yards on 14 touches. It wasn’t just one player, this entire unit showed up Sunday night. The Bears lead the NFL with 34 takeaways. Want to see just how much this defense has dominated this year compared to years past.

Special hat tip to Leonard Floyd and Akiem Hicks. Lenny boy has really stepped up to the plate and grown into that top 10 talent we were all hoping for. I touched on it last week but he deserves another shoutout. Akiem Hicks is an absolute monster. He gets overshadowed by Khalil Mack but he needs to be looked at as one of the best defensive lineman in the NFL today.

While Mitch Trubisky did not have a great game, it is fair to say Matt Nagy had a fantastic game. It is always nice when your head coach outduels the belle of the ball in the NFL in Sean McVay. Everyone LOVES to talk about how great Sean McVay is, Matt Nagy was having none of that. He wants a little shine himself for that bald head. The play calling from this season to last season could not be more night and day. Just look at this creativity, it oozes from that visor baby!

FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN AGAIN! What a play call by the old ball coach!

The Bears did a fantastic job of shutting down Aaron Donald. I am going to give Nagy and the rest of his staff credit for drawing up schemes to keep Mitch comfortable in the pocket. Big shout out to James Daniels as well, the rookie stepped up when the lights were shining very bright.

The Bears have now put themselves in the premier tier in the NFC. They proved they can play against these high powered offenses. This victory all but confirmed a trip to the postseason for the first time since 2010. The only thing that is stopping me from saying this team can make it to the Super Bowl is facing Drew Brees in the dome. The Bears proved they can hang with the Rams, I think they could beat them in LA if need be. Drew Brees and Sean Payton scare me in New Orleans. Mitch would need to actually show up to the game in order for a win to be a possibility. The good thing is that is weeks away. The Bears now welcome Aaron Rodgers to Soldier Field next Sunday. I think this is the perfect time to introduce a new beginning of the Bears/Packers rivalry.

Last but not least…

Capture week 14

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