#TinThoughts: Swing And A Miss

1076224294_80433422-e1543784090351The Chicago Bears and New York Giants played in a very exciting game Sunday afternoon. The final result could be described as the opposite of that for the folks in Chicago. The Giants knocked off a Chase Daniel led Bears 30-27 in overtime.

Let’s start with the former Heisman candidate, Chase Daniel. He did not play well, not at all. He showed why he has been a journeyman backup his entire career. The Bears offense as a whole could not get it going on Sunday. Tarik Cohen was the only one out there making plays. Jordan Howard had a few flashes but he really does not fit into Nagy’s scheme. The Bears need Trubisky. For all the criticism aimed towards Mitch, he adds a true spark to the offense. I was all for letting Mitch rest, the Bears should have won this game without him. Chase did not look like the quarterback who lined up against the Lions on Thanksgiving. Let’s hope Mitch is 100% for next Sunday, because the Bears don’t stand a chance without the cornerstone of their franchise under center.

The defense had one of those games where it seems they just take the foot off the gas pedal. This defense has had multiple games like that this season. They either show up and perform to the premier level they are capable of OR they play down to their opponents i.e. the Dolphins. Saquon Barkley ran all over this defense. I don’t know how much the Bears could have done to contain him, but Eli Manning should not beat you. Simple as that. Eli Manning and Brock Osweiler led their respective offense’s to victories against arguably the best defense in the NFL. That is a sad, sad thought.

Eddie Jackson and Khalil Mack have gotten majority of the shine on the defense this season. They deserve it, they have been out of this world. The person who deserves a ton of credit right after those two is Kyle Fuller. I wrote this about Fuller after the Bears Week 1 loss in Lambeau.

Kyle Fuller dropping that interception was absolutely heartbreaking.  Collinsworth mentioned that this was a problem with him last year.  He said he dropped 6 interception attempts in 2017.  I cannot find any evidence of this but this is something that he should maybe work on a bit.  Interceptions are kind of important when you are a cornerback. 

According to sources, Kyle Fuller printed this out and it has been taped up in his locker ever since. He leads the Bears with 5 interceptions and is second in the entire NFL. He has been worth every single penny and I am very glad Ryan Pace held onto this guy. From potential first round bust to a perennial all pro cornerback in this league. I tip my cap to you Kyle Fuller, well done my friend.

This game was just a wild ride. It was a roller coaster of emotions. It also had a little bit of everything. There was a pick 6 by a linebacker, a fat guy rushing touchdown by Akiem Hicks, a 50 yard passing touchdown by Odell Beckham, a passing touchdown by Tarik Cohen, and an onside kick recovery. I don’t want to give this game too much credit because it was truly a disgusting, mess of a game as well.

Can we take a second to appreciate the big brass balls on Matt Nagy? What a WILD play call on 4th down to bring the game to overtime. The Philly Special has been successful multiple times but to call that when the game on the line was truly something else. It is a breath of fresh air to have that balded man in the visor calling the shots. Imagine if he would have went for 2 to win the game, John from Winnetka would have lost his damn mind calling into The Score after that.

The Bears should have won this game. I truly believe they would have won the game with Mitch playing. I thought about saying this team is not for real since this was a bad loss. I decided against that +simply because Chase Daniel is not Mitch Trubisky.

The Vikings lost to the Patriots, the Packers canned Mike McCarthy, and the Bears still control their own destiny in the NFC North. Rest up #10, next Sunday in Soldier Field is a YUGE game. This is a chance for the Chicago Bears to prove they can hang with the big boys under the national spotlight.

Things did not go well on Sunday for the Monsters of the Midway, but life could be much worse.

Capture Week 13

Strap in folks, these last few weeks are going to be a suspenseful ride. Bear down.

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