David Kaplan Has Become Chicago’s Skip Bayless


Let me start this off by saying I really want to like David Kaplan. He is a big fan of “The Secret”, I also enjoy that way of looking at life. He has opinions on everything, I too have loads of opinions. He is very kind to his fans when they walk past the State Street studio. On the surface, he is a likable human being.

The problem is once he starts spewing his takes, he becomes a Ferrari in a blizzard. You really have no idea where his takes will take you and sometimes I don’t think he exactly knows either.

David Kaplan has become Chicago’s very own version of Skip Bayless. Congratulations Sparkles.

The takes that have come out of our very own David Kaplan’s mouth lately have truly been absurd. What take was it that made me write a hit piece on one of Chicago’s own you ask? Today on his show, Kaplan GUARANTEED that if the Cubs were 5.5 games out at the All Star Break next season that Joe Maddon would be fired. He did throw in the caveat that there were no serious injuries, fingers crossed Joe! This absolutely set me off. He also went on to say the Cubs have had a 2 year World Series hangover. He claimed the Houston Astros did not have a World Series hangover since they made the ALCS the year after winning the World Series. Hold on, let me quickly check how far the 2017 Cubs went in the playoffs just a year after winning the World Series.

Capture Cubs

Let’s try to keep our scolding hot takes consistent here Kap.

Not to mention, you think 5.5 games out at the All Star break guarantees a Joe Maddon firing. How lost in your take cauldron are you David? This Cubs team has come out of the All Star break scolding hot multiple times throughout Joe Maddon’s career as the Cubs manager. In 2016, the Cubs won 22 games in August. This was the most in any month since 1945. August is the month directly after the All Star break. 5.5 games out at the All Star break is enough to warrant termination even though there is evidence that Joe has had some of his most successful months post All-Star break? Please Kap, you’re better than that.

Another thing Kaplan recently stated was that Kris Bryant will not resign with the Cubs in 2021. He also decided to troll everyone in saying that Kris Bryant turned down a massive extension. I understand David has sources and he most likely has access to a lot more information than the common fan. How can you already claim Kris Bryant will not resign with the Cubs multiple years down the road? That is the definition of a hot take. He said this simply to garner attention and garner clicks. Kris Bryant does not even know if he will resign with the Cubs years down the road. I am quite positive David Kaplan does not know more about Kris Bryant’s future than the man himself.

Lastly, old Sparkles tossed out a twitter poll at the beginning of November.

This was right after it was fresh in everyone’s mind that the Cubs were a disappointment in 2018. The Bears were sitting at 5-3.  Chicago was all jazzed up after a 41-9 dismantling of the Buffalo Bills. This clearly skewed the results of this poll. The Chicago Cubs have made the playoffs four years in a row. They won the World Series a few short years ago. They have made it to the NLCS 3 of the last 4 years. The Bears have tons of promise moving forward. On this very site, I have sung the praises of Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy, Mitch Trubisky, and company. The Chicago Cubs are the most stable team in Chicago. They have their entire young core in place and are going to compete for a World Series once again in 2019. The Chicago Bears could win a Super Bowl this year, but after Week 8 it looked like they were still a year away.

David Kaplan covers all Chicago sports teams but I would say his bread and butter are the Chicago Cubs. Why must you be filled with these hot takes for the best era of Chicago Cubs baseball? I understand it drives traffic. I understand it gets the Buster Olneys of the world mentioning you Sparkles. I am asking you kindly, please cool them down just a tad. You have become the Skip Bayless of Chicago sports media. No one even knows if you believe the words that are coming out of your mouth anymore. As a diehard Chicago sports fan, please just think for a second before these god forsaken takes leave your mouth. Please David, that is all we ask.

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