#TinThoughts: Row, Row, Row Your Boat


The Bears solidified themselves as serious contenders in front of the entire country Sunday night folks. The Vikings came into Soldier Field and suffered a defeat, losing to the Bears 25-20. It was a game that had a little bit of everything and did not lack drama.

As always, we start with Mitch. I have supported Mitch relentlessly but I also think it is important to be fair when he does not play out of his mind. Sunday night, Mitch played exactly how a young quarterback with his promise is expected to play in a primetime matchup against a division foe. He made some great throws, made a ton of plays with his feet, and mostly kept his composure under the bright lights. He did make a few bonehead throws. The first interception was a throw Mitch should not have made. That was an inexperienced quarterback trying to force something that just was not there. The safety made a hell of a play but Mitch should not be throwing that ball in the first place. The second interception was also very bad. There seemed to be some miscommunication and it led to an U-G-L-Y interception. Luckily for Mitch, he has a top 5 defense to bail him out whenever he makes a mistake. I love what he can do with his feet. He does a fantastic job of avoiding contact but you hope with time he learns to turn some of those running plays into passing plays. The last thing you want is your franchise quarterback depending on the run whenever trouble ensues. Overall, I think Mitch did alright. He did not cost the Bears the game but he also did not win them the game.

The defense won the Bears this game. This defense is up there with some of the best in Chicago’s history. I am not going to put it up there with the ’85 defense or the ’05 defense. This defense sure as hell is up there with the ’01 defense though. There really isn’t much more that can be said about Khalil Mack. Ryan Pace committed highway robbery on Jon Gruden. He truly is a generational player that makes a difference every single time he steps onto the field. Mack is not the only one carrying the load here though. Akiem Hicks was an absolute monster Sunday night, he accounted for 5 tackles for a loss. Leonard Floyd has stepped up in a big way the last few games. He has been disrupting play after play, this is very good to see after a slow start. Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos are the real deal Holyfield. These two seem to get the ball in their hands game after game. This team will go as far as this defense can carry them. It really is great to have a once again dominant defense in the Windy City.

Hats off to Matt Nagy for being aggressive and going for 2 multiple times in the game. This forced the Vikings hand late in the game and the Bears answered the bell. The one thing I will say Nagy needs to work on is the second half gameplan. The Bears offense seems to come firing out of the gate every week in the first half. The second half they look like a completely different team. Nagy is a young coach but in order to beat the great teams he will need to adjust to the opponent’s defensive adjustments moving forward.

I love the Howard/Cohen rushing attack. I truly hope the Bears keep Howard around and get him a little more involved in the gameplan.

I want everyone to stand up and give a round of applause to Cody Parkey. The practice at Soldier Field during the week paid off and the man delivered folks!

This team is an extremely lovable team. They are exciting to watch and you can’t help but love everything these young players bring to the table week in and week out. They remind me a lot of the Chicago Cubs. It is a fun, fun time to be a Bears fan. The celebrations are amazing. I love the team photos they take after big plays. The morale is high around Chicago folks and I can’t get enough of it. A quick turnaround leads to a turkey day showdown against the Lions. Hopefully the bad Lions show up and the Bears can continue their tour de force of the NFC North.

Lookin’ like an absolute snack….

Capture Week 11

Bear down.

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