Is The First Snow Really Great Though?


The first legitimate snowfall is currently gracing people around the country with their presence. Everyone is so excited about the first snowfall, as they should be. It is the middle of November. We have yet to stuff our faces with turkey. Political debates with second cousin Jerry await. Soak this all in. The innocent snowfall is actually a thing about beauty.

Here is the thing about snow folks. It is truly the opposite of innocent. This first snowfall is a sign of the misery that is bearing down on all of us. Well not all of us, you assholes in the South and West don’t know what seasons are. Enjoy living in 70 degree weather all year long, at least we have some character where it snows (classic excuse used by those who hate the snow but don’t really feel like moving). The back end of winter is a cruel, mean bitch that takes zero prisoners.

The snow is great during the holiday season. Thanksgiving should be graced with fall colors and weather but let’s be honest fall is more imagination than an actual season. The fall lasts for about three weeks. It is glorious for those three weeks but after that winter comes in like a bag of bricks. It usually goes from a nice 50 degrees to 20 degrees in a blink of an eye. After Thanksgiving, snow is actually great. Everyone loves snow in the holiday season. Hell, they made a song called “White Christmas”. We all dream of it!

Snow after the holidays is pure hell. The temperatures dip to negative degrees. Snow signifies it being cold. Ice is all over the place. The snow then melts to slush. It is truly an absolute mess. The emotions that come with snow are all over the place. It starts off all hunky dory then it turns to misery. It is kind of like a college relationship actually now that I think about it. It starts off as a good idea, you have someone to hang out with. You have someone to take home for a few weeks. Life is good. Eventually, the drunken fights come. College happens. It turns into pure chaos. I think I just made a revelation right in front of all your eyes. Snow and winter is kind of like a college relationship.

I think we will end on that note. Enjoy the snow for the next month folks, really revel in it. We all know what follows….winter is coming.


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