Who belongs On The Mt. Rushmore Of Chicago Coaches?


Earlier this afternoon, the Chicago Blackhawks fired long time coach Joel Quenneville. Chicago is appalled by this decision, as they should be. I have long been a Blackhawks troll but I can recognize a great coach when I see one.

With this firing, it got me thinking who would be on the Mt. Rushmore for Chicago coaches. Chicago has had some very powerful figures at the helm throughout the years.

Without further adieu, here is who I would put on my Mt. Rushmore for Chicago coaches.

Phil Jackson


This one really goes without question. Did it help that he had the best basketball player of all time? Sure. Did it help that he also had a top 50 player of all time to pair with Michael? Absolutely. At the end of the day, Phil Jackson had to manage some very, very big personalities and he did a fantastic job at that. Winning 6 championships with one team is unheard of. The Master of Zen is the best coach in Chicago sports history, the hardware speaks for itself.

Joel Quenneville


Right behind Phil is Coach Q in terms of Chicago coaching lore. He won 3 separate Stanley Cup Championships with the Hawks and helped turn them into the dynasty they are today. He had some fantastic rosters but he managed them to perfection. It is a shame that someone with as good of a mustache of him gets fired during Movember. The Blackhawks truly should have let him go out on his own terms. The fans are not happy with this and the front office will hear it loud and clear.

Mike Ditka


Everybody and their mother loves Ditka in Chicago. The funny thing is he only won one Super Bowl. The ’85 Bears are considered one of the greatest teams in NFL history yet the franchise was only able to collect one Super Bowl ring from it. In my opinion, Ditka is a bit overblown in terms of success in Chicago. I will always love the Coach, you don’t have a choice as a Bears fan. In my opinion, Papa George Halas’s 6 titles should trump Ditka but this is Chicago so we go Ditka.

Joe Maddon


Criticize Joe all you want for his on field management but you cannot deny he has produced. He has led the Cubs to 4 straight playoff appearances, 3 NLCS appearances, and broke the longest championship drought in sports history. He will forever be part of this Mt. Rushmore for bringing a World Series Championship to Chicago. Crazy to think that within a calendar year, two of the four people on this list could be out of a job. Although I am one to question managerial decisions, I will forever be grateful for what Joe Maddon got out of this Cubs team.

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