#TinThoughts: The Bills Are Who We Thought They Were


The Chicago Bears rolled into Buffalo on Sunday and took care of business. They steamrolled the Bills 41-9 en route to the second straight victory against the AFC East.

Instead of starting with QB1 this week, we are going to start with the Chicago Bears defense. Let’s put one disclaimer on this, Nathan Peterman and the Buffalo Bills offense is absolute trash. His receivers bobbled balls multiple times and the Chicago Bears secondary bullied their way into multiple interceptions. Leonard Floyd finally showed up in a big way. I have been very hard on him this season so it was very refreshing to see him put together a great game. Four interceptions is no joke regardless of who you play. The Bears defense outscored the Bills offense 14-9. In Khalil Mack’s absence, the Bears also managed 4 sacks in the game. Hats off to this defense for once again showing how elite they truly are.

Mitch Trubisky played well. He made one big mistake with his interception, thankfully it really did not matter. He converted multiple 3rd and long situations early in the game. He didn’t light up the stat sheet but he stuck with the game plan and made very few mistakes. Overall I think this was a very solid performance from the young quarterback and hopefully he can build on his last few games leading into some very important divisional games.

Jordan Howard once again just continued to munch up yards. He is a very useful part of this offense when used correctly. He absolutely dominates short yardage situations. It has been refreshing to see him continuously find the end zone.

The one downside in this game was the amount of penalties the Bears had. Every other play it seemed there was a flag on the field for something the Bears did wrong. Charles Leno jumped offside it seemed like 289 times on Sunday. Thankfully this game was against the Bills, better opponents will take advantage of these miscues.

The Bears won the last two games that they were supposed to win. This was good folks. These next 3 weeks will really show the true colors of this Chicago Bears team. Hopefully these last two weeks have provided Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson the rest they needed. The Lions and Vikings loom, time to show the division why the Monsters are on top.

Oh and one last thing….

Capture Week 9

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