The NFL Trade Deadline was actually kind of fun


The NFL Trade Deadline is usually one that pales in comparison to the other professional leagues. Big names are not often moved. It is mostly a lot of talk moved to disappointment from fans who crave the drama.

Well, we got a little drama this year folks! It made the ol’ Tuesday afternoon work grind go a little bit faster than usual. Let’s take a gander at some of the bigger trades of the day, shall we?

Golden Tate traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 3rd round pick

The first big splash of the trade deadline turned out to be the biggest in my opinion. The Eagles have been looking for a receiver to complement Alshon Jeffery. They understand the NFC East is still wide open. They know the division leading Redskins were also looking for help at the wide receiver position. Golden Tate is due to hit free agency this season which shows the former Super Bowl Champs are looking to strike while the iron’s hot. The Eagles have two 2nd round picks in 2019 to make up for the lost 3rd. I actually like this trade from both sides as the Lions also receive something for a player who will likely walk in a few short months.

Houston Texans trade for Demaryius Thomas

The Texans are trading fourth and seventh-round picks to the Broncos for the 30-year-old Thomas and a seventh-round pick. The Texans needed to make a move after Mr. Fragile himself Will Fuller went down with a torn ACL recently. Demaryius Thomas has been absolute trash for me in fantasy this year so I currently hate him. His first game for his new team will be in Denver against his former team, so that is pretty neat.

Packers ship off Ty Montgomery to the Baltimore Ravens

Anyone that watched the Packers game on Sunday is not surprised by this move one bit. Montgomery virtually cost them the game by fumbling on the kickoff and truly has not had the best comments following this fumble. The Packers only got a 2020 7th round pick in return but I am sure a platter of crab cakes would have been more than enough. This finally gives Mike McCarthy the opportunity to give Aaron Jones all the carries. He sure as hell deserves them. Ty Montgomery, please wear a running back number in Baltimore. You make everyone’s hungover head hurt on Sunday watching #88 lineup in the backfield.

Rams trade for Jaguars Dante Fowler 

Not to be confused with Cubs legend Dexter Fowler. This is Dante Fowler, former number 3 overall pick. The Rams gave up a 2019 third-round pick and a 2020 fifth-round pick for the Jaguars defensive lineman. He has been a complete disappointment since being drafted in 2015. He only has 14 sacks in 39 career games. Luckily for him, he joins a line that is LITRALLY made up of all former first round picks. The Rams obviously are hoping a change of scenery will help him and I do not blame them one bit for taking this risk. Worst case the Rams continue on their merry way with their dominant defensive line. Best case, Dante taps into his potential and the undefeated Rams now have a historically great defensive line.

Redskins trade for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

The Redskins gave up a 2019 4th round pick to acquire the former Pro Bowl safety. I don’t have much to say on this. Clearly the Packers are in complete panic mode. They traded away two parts of their team today. They are terrified of the Chicago Bears. Aaron Rodgers is calling out his head coach at press conferences. This is truly a terrible, terrible time to be a cheesehead. Pray for the Packers and all of their owners. The Bears are coming.

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