#TinThoughts: A Tale Of Two Halves


The Chicago Bears took care of business at Soldier Field Sunday afternoon beating the Jets 24-10. It was not the prettiest of wins for the Bears, fortunately that does not show up in the win-loss column.

As always, we start with the future of the franchise. Mitch Trubisky came into the stadium dressed as Coach Ditka as the Bears wore their throwback uniforms on Sunday. He looked absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the swag from the wardrobe did not carry over onto the field in the first half. Mitch had 116 yards passing in the first half, 70 of which came on a Tarik Cohen screen pass. He continued to miss open receivers. He could not connect on the deep ball. He really showed his age in the first half. He had some of Mike’s Secret Stuff in the locker room and everything changed. The second half was a completely different story. Mitch was 11 for 16 in the second half. He used his legs to gain a key first down. He put footballs in some tight spaces. Overall, I think we give Mitch a solid B for his performance. He has now thrown for 2 touchdowns in 4 straight games. He threw a few balls to his left so hopefully that stupid narrative will be put to bed soon. His accuracy is an issue that hopefully will progress with time. We hope.

Tarik Cohen is ELITE. He once again made a huge play for your Chicago Bears turning a screen pass into a 70 yard touchdown. Every time he touches the ball, magic can happen. I love how much Nagy has utilized him in this offense and I hope he continues to do so during these pivotal divisional games.

Jordan Howard time and time again proves he can gain yards if you just give him the football. He averaged almost 4 yards a carry including a touchdown in Sunday’s victory. If Matt Nagy can continue to balance Howard and Cohen like he did on Sunday, I think that will provide much needed assistance for #10.

The defense showed up. I am not going to say they played great because they were still unable to formulate a pass rush with Khalil Mack off the field. I will say they did much better at the whole not missing tackles thing. They did a great job of stopping the run game, holding the Jets to just 57 yards on the ground. Leonard Floyd was still nowhere to be found. He had two tackles and still has a big ol’ goose egg in the sack department for the year. It’s week 8 Leonard, figure it out dude.

The most important part of this game was that the Bears won a game they were supposed to win. It was not the prettiest bell at the ball but they won. Teams lose games they are supposed to win, it is part of football. Great teams only allow that to happen once in a season. The Bears already used up that loss against the Dolphins. A road game in Buffalo awaits for this young squad, another game they should absolutely win. The Bears are still in the thick of it, they just need to continue to progress week after week. Hopefully the Khalil Mack, Allen Robinson, and Kyle Long injuries are not too serious. I expect the Bears to march into Buffalo and take care of Bills Mafia with ease. Oh yea, I almost forgot…

Capture 45

Bear down.

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