#TinThoughts: Not So Special


The Chicago Bears could not take down the league’s finest on Sunday afternoon. The Monsters of the Midway did not seem so scary to Tom Brady and the Patriots falling 38-31 on a failed last second Hail Mary.

We start off with everyone’s favorite target, Mitchell Vick. Mitch once again threw for 300+ yards and accounted for 3 total touchdowns. He added 81 yards on the ground using his feet much more effectively than his arm on Sunday. His completion percentage was nothing impressive going 26-50. He continued to make rookie mistakes and lucked out that the Patriots defense had a case of stone hands. The interceptions that he did throw were not terrible picks but they were not great. It seemed that all of his completions were short passes to either Trey Burton or Tarik Cohen. Overall, this game was very meh for the young quarterback. I don’t think he was great but I don’t think he cost the Bears this football game. At the end of the day, Mitch accounted for over 400 total yards and three touchdowns and I am saying he had a meh day. Give me those stats from any quarterback in the past few years and I think most Bears fans would take that in a millisecond. The progression is still there from the young whipper snapper.

Before we get into what went wrong, I would like to tip my cap to the young ball coach. Early in the second quarter with the ball on the Patriots 30 yard line, the Bears faced a 4th and 4 situation. The Bears were winning 10-7 at the time and could have just taken the points. Matt Nagy made an aggressive call and went for it on 4th down in enemy territory. You can’t beat the Patriots playing conservative and Matt Nagy’s decision making led to a Bears touchdown. Unfortunately, that touchdown was given right back on the next play by the special teams…

You cannot spot Tom Brady 14 points and expect to win any game. Plain and simple. Giving up two touchdowns on special teams is beyond unacceptable. It also would be nice Cody Parkey could at least attempt a 57 yard field goal to put some points on the board. I understand he may not have the strongest leg but 57 yards in today’s NFL is definitely doable. Skate better special teams, skate better.

Another unit that needs to skate better is the vaunted Chicago Bears defense. The Bears went from having 18 sacks in 4 games to having 1 sack in the last 2 games. Not to mention, in the last two games this defense has given up 55 points. This defense lost to Brock Osweiler. They are missing tackles worse than your local Pop Warner team. The front 7 is getting zero pressure. Khalil Mack cannot carry the burden of this defense week in and week out. He is clearly banged up and someone else needs to step up to the plate. I am once again going to focus on Leonard Floyd. Adrian Amos and Eddie Jackson had more tackles in this game than Floyd. Floyd got absolutely burned by James White in the redzone. The former first rounder has yet to record a sack this season. I will continue to pick on the Bulldog until he proves his worth. Push em, pull em, do something!

All in all, a loss to the Patriots is what every Bears fan expected going into the season. The loss to the Dolphins still burns. This team now sits at .500. The next two games will truly show us what this Bears team is made of. Two wins versus the Jets and Bills and all of Chicago will be back to thinking this is a Super Bowl team. Losses to both of those team will lead to Chicago radio calling for a complete rebuild and Chase Daniel being the answer at quarterback. For now, we just wait to see how these Bears respond and hope the defense remembers who they are.

Bear down.

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