A Welcome Back To The Association


I know it’s football season. I know the NBA doesn’t start for some until Christmas. I know most don’t care about it until the playoffs. Hell, there are even ignorant humans who don’t watch at all because they can’t stand what the NBA has become.

Here at Stay Tuned Folks, we love the National Basketball Association.

I have stated before it is the most entertaining league of all the major sports. There is constant drama. There are games every single night of the week. This season there should be plenty of that. Let’s take a gander at a few storylines going into this season, shall we?

LeBron’s Showtime Lakers


In case you live under a rock with no WiFi connection, LeBron James is now on the Los Angeles Lakers. He is surrounded by a solid young core and a bench full of characters. I don’t think most are expecting them to do much a whole lot this season. The West is absolutely loaded so you can expect LeBron to carry this team into the playoffs only to be overmatched by the Rockets or Warriors. Needless to say, it is strange to see LeBron in purple and gold. Very strange.

Jimmy Butler Saga 

GETTY Jimmy Butler_1539275378244.jpg_6211027_ver1.0_640_360

The most entertaining saga in all of sports carries on. Jimmy is supposedly going to play in the season opener for the Timberwolves. The main question is what happens next? Does Jimmy kiss and make up with his teammates? Does a team trade for Jimmy knowing he can walk next offseason? Does Jimmy offer to play opposing teams by himself showing his worth to the Timberwolves? Stay tuned folks!

A Healthy Boston Squad 

Boston Celtics Media Day

In hindsight, Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving getting hurt may have been the best thing that could have happened to the Boston Celtics. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown matured beyond their years last year taking Boston to the playoffs. If this team stays healthy, they could possibly take down the Warriors, Uncle Drew knows exactly what it takes to conquer Golden State. Boston is due for just another exciting sports season, they don’t get enough of those…

Weirdo Goes North


Jimmy Butler has overshadowed one of the biggest stories going into Opening Night. Kawhi wanted out of San Antonio. gets traded to Towonto, refuses to go to Towonto, and now may end up staying there long term. Okay, that last part was my thoughts but we can will it into a rumor! Will Towonto be enough fun for the most social person in the NBA? We all know he is a hell of a basketball player but he might get mysteriously injured again. WHO KNOWS!

The Golden State Dynasty


This team is ridiculous. There isn’t much to say honestly. When Demarcus Cousins comes back healthy and they trot these five onto the floor, I do not see them losing in the playoffs. Maybe someone gets hurt, maybe Cousins ruins the mojo of the squad, I just don’t see it. I expect the Warriors to raise the Larry O’Brien trophy once more next summer and then Durant will jet off to somewhere new.


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