#TinThoughts: Well, That Sucked


The Chicago Bears went down to Miami and suffered an absolutely, gut-wrenching loss Sunday. Losing to the Brocketship that is Brock Osweiler really sucked. The fashion in which the Bears lost this game made it even worse. The game was extremely exciting as an outside fan, but as a Bears fan it was disheartening.

Once again, we start with the future of the franchise: Mitch Trubisky. While he made his fair share of mistakes, QB1 actually had a pretty solid game. He missed multiple open receivers and threw a crucial, dumb interception in the redzone. He then bounced back from that interception and led the Bears down the field for a score. These are mistakes a young quarterback is going to make. Simple as that. This is to be expected from someone in his first full season under center. His deep throws have gotten better each week. He once again threw for over 300 yards and had 3 touchdowns. There is blame to go around for this loss, none of that should be placed on Mitch Trubisky.

What happened to the defense? Going into the game, the entire stratosphere thought this Bears defense would LITRALLY eat Brock Osweiler alive. That of course did not happen as he threw for almost 400 yards. Not sacking him one time is truly unacceptable. Credit to the Miami Dolphins for drawing up schemes to block the Bears dominating front seven. The amount of blown coverages and missed tackles was embarrassing. One bright spot was Kyle Fuller, two interceptions from him was very nice to see. Roquan Smith has quietly had a great start to his career, he was part of a team high 13 tackles on Sunday.

Now it’s time to criticize the old ball coach, Matt Nagy. I do not understand his inability to give Jordan Howard the ball in short yardage situations. Earlier this season, he made this mistake against the Packers. He once again made this mistake on a 4th and 1 situation in Sunday’s game. Jordan Howard was born to run between the tackles and gain 1-3 yards on every single carry. He literally came out of the womb, football in hand, reaching for a few more yards as the doctor tried to grab him. Matt Nagy please give him the ball in short yardage situations for God’s sake. The other call that all of Chicagoland will question Matt Nagy on was his 3rd down play call in overtime. I am not going to sit here and bash Nagy for his decision to run the ball with Howard. I get you probably should have thrown the ball and taken a shot at getting some more yards for a more manageable field goal attempt. I understand the frustration. I also am fine with Nagy giving the ball to the back who just gained 34 total yards on his previous two carries. It was an extremely conservative call from a coach that preaches acceleration. I understand the criticism as well as why he made the decision he did.

This was not a season ending loss by any means. Was it a bad loss? Absolutely. Should the Bears have come in a bit more prepared coming off the bye week? Yes. This is what is going to happen with this team. They are going to lose games they should win. That is okay folks. This team is not built to win the Super Bowl this season, they aren’t supposed to. This team is the 2015 Chicago Cubs. They aren’t finished rebuilding just yet. The 2015 Cubs had better results than anyone could have expected going into the season. No one thought the Bears would be sitting in first place in the NFC North after 6 weeks of the season. This team is overachieving. I understand the expectations were raised with the signing of Khalil Mack. I get this loss was terrible, but please don’t act like the sky is falling. This team is still staring a playoff birth directly in the eyes. The Patriots come to town next week and if you saw them last night they look pretty, pretty, prettttyyyy good. Hopefully the defense takes yesterday’s performance and uses it as motivation. Matt Nagy should use this game as bulletin board material. The Monsters of the Midway are here to stay. This is simply a blip in the radar. Take a look at the bigger picture, have faith.

Bear down.


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