Best sports month of the year…


Fall has always been looked down upon from my point of view. You see, I am a HUGE summer person. I love everything about the summer. I bask in the heat. The summer can do no wrong in my eyes. Fall marks the end of summer. Fall also is the beginning to the worst season of the year, winter. Being wedged between the best and worst seasons of the year in my eyes does not do fall any good.

Fall, it truly is not you. It’s me.

Fall weather is actually fantastic. Being able to walk outside comfortably in a hoody and jeans is just pleasant. The leaves changing colors, beautiful. Pumpkin beer, delicious. Pumpkin lattes for the females, basic. The length of fall in Chicago is the reason I am not as gung ho about it. It lasts about 3 weeks and then we are into the dreaded negative degree winter.

I would like to formally apologize to fall, you truly are not that bad. Just let a better person stand behind you in line.

One place that fall does not falter, the sports calendar. Spring gives us hope. Summer brings the fun in the sun. October brings us all of the sports. It is the month of the year that you truly need to soak in.

Your Saturday and Sunday now provide you with entertainment from sun up to sun down thanks to football. I pray for rain on weekends to ensure I will not be forced to perform any sort of errands. All I need on the weekends in October is myself, my couch, and Grubhub.

Not to mention, we are provided the best postseason in all of sports. MLB playoffs. You can hate on regular season baseball all you want. I am okay with people saying baseball is boring. It moves too slow. There are too many games to care about. I have zero problem with that. I am a baseball diehard so I will always enjoy the game regardless of the situation. If you say you do not like the MLB playoffs, then you truly do not understand what sports are all about. The drama. The anticipation. The hanging onto every pitch. The celebration. The heartbreak. It is the best entertainment in sports and I will hear nothing else.

We also get the most dramatic sports league as a whole back, the National Basketball Association. I know a lot of people don’t pay attention to the NBA until Christmas. That is fine, just know Russell Westbrook vs. Steph Curry will be there on a random Tuesday when you have nothing else to watch.

The NHL starts as well for all you hockey hardos!

Immerse yourself in it folks. October is everything you could possibly dream of in a sports month. Most importantly, the worst season is looming…



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