Can the Bears actually win the NFC North?


The bye week is usually a week where Bears fans can enjoy football without their TV being a victim of aggression. This season it was a bit different. Instead of feeling relaxed watching football, I felt like something was missing. That is because this version of the Chicago Bears is actually extremely enjoyable to watch. I sat on Sunday and watched the Packers falter against the Lions. It was a beautiful sight to see as I am sure many of you enjoyed this as well. It made me wonder, can the Bears actually win the NFC North this season?

My avid Tuners will remember, I wrote an article before the season started asking if the Bears can win over 6 games. I predicted the Bears would be 2-2 at the bye and obviously predicted they would finish with over 6 wins. This was before Khalil Mack. Big disclaimer there.

With the Bears at 3-1, it is looking like a division title is more of a reality than we all could have imagined. As it stands, here are the standings through 5 weeks.

Biggest thing to note would have to be the points for and against. The Bears show they by far have the best defense in the division. I don’t care who you have played giving up almost 50 points less than the next best defense is beyond impressive. The number that stood out to me is points for. The Bears have almost as many points scored as the rest of the division yet played one less game. The Vikings have an arsenal of weapons, Mitch is breathing down their necks. Chills rolling down their spine. I don’t want to hear “But the Bears scored all of those points against a terrible Bucs D!!”. The Packers had that opportunity against the Bills, the Vikings against the Bills as well, and the Lions against the 49ers. Each team has had a game against a bad defense. Only one team took advantage, Bearsh.

The Vikings seem to be the Bears biggest threat so far this year but I don’t think anyone is too sure what to make of them. They got trounced by the Bills at home and do not have any real impressive wins thus far. The Packers are always scary. Aaron Rodgers is a bad man as Stephen A. would say. He will lead them to be in the hunt later in the season. The discord between McCarthy and him is something to keep an eye on though. Trouble in paradise? Stay tuned, folks! The Lions do not scare me one bit, they are a team still trying to find their identity.

This leads me to the Bears upcoming games, time to show the entire NFL that the Bears are for real. This team should win 4 of their next 5 games. Their next 5 games are: at Miami, home vs. the Patriots, home vs. the Jets, at Buffalo, and home vs. the Lions. It is very important that they take 3 out of the next 4 games. The Lions game kicks off 3 straight divisional games. It is vital that Matt Nagy keeps this team at bay and does not let them overlook opponents. Winning on the road is not easy in the NFL. This would put them at 6-2 going into the all important divisional matchups. 6-2 puts you right in the divisional driver seat. You are then in control of your own destiny.

On paper, this team has enough to win the division. I don’t think most people would argue with that. Mitch will continue to show progress and this defense will continue to dominate. The Packers are always scary and the Vikings are looking to get back to the NFC Championship game. I am going to make a bold prediction because I am feeling very rested coming off the bye week with my fellow Bear players. The Bears are going to win the NFC North. Simple as that, have a Monday folks!

Bear down.

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