One thing about The Office was a bit unrealistic


Full disclosure, I finished watching The Office last night front to back for the first tine in my life. I would say before this adventure, I had seen about 80% of the episodes. I watched majority of the show when it aired but never really paid attention. My roommates post college always loved The Office so I would casually watch then but most of the time was spent on my phone.

Couple observations before I jump into one part that just does not sit right with me. First, Pam Beesly does not deserve Jim Halpert at all. He has a gigantic opportunity in Philadelphia and she selfishly will not move there. I googled it, Philadelphia is 2 hours away from Scranton. She made it seem like he was taking a job in Timbuktu. At the time, she was a in sales at Dunder Mifflin. I was in sales, I know sales jobs basically fall from the sky. There are plenty of sales jobs in Philadelphia. This was a move she could have easily made to benefit their entire family for their future. Don’t tell me she eventually moves them to Austin, that was a guilt move after the audience at the panel shames her for not doing anything for Jim. I get her character was all about growth but she doesn’t deserve Jim.

Another thing that bothered me was how the writers completely botched Andy Bernard’s character. He comes back from his months away at sea and acts like nothing is wrong. He is gone for that long and David Wallace never finds out, that is absurd. He demands a bonus check for how the branch does after he has not been there, get out of here. I hate what they did with his character, I think that is a universally shared opinion. Boo on you NBC for ruining the Nard dog.

The reason I write this blog is because I think there is one part of The Office that is wildly inaccurate. This is very out of character for the show because I think it portrays work in the corporate setting almost perfectly.

The amount of relationships at Dunder Mifflin is truly unrealistic.

The Scranton branch has lets say around 30-40 people in the office throughout the 9 seasons. I went through and counted all the different romantic affairs that occur within those walls.

  1. Jim-Pam
  2. Jim-Karen
  3. Pam-Roy
  4. Michael-Holly
  5. Michael-Jan
  6. Dwight-Angela
  7. Andy-Angela
  8. Andy-Erin
  9. Erin-Gabe
  10. Ryan-Kelly
  11. Kelly-Darryl
  12. Pete-Erin
  13. Darryl-Val

This does not even mention Toby’s weird crushes on Nellie and Pam. Michael casually dating Pam’s mom. Jim dating Katy after simply trying to sell some purses in their branch. How can we forget America’s sweethearts Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration and Phyllis? The Dunder Mifflin Branch may as well be a brothel.

This had to be done to create storylines, I know this is a show. I realize there are parts that will be unrealistic. It just ate me up as I watched and I had to tell my Tuners.

My last comment on The Office, the finale was absolutely beautiful. It was one of the best finales I have ever seen from a show. My only gripe is I really wish they could have had Michael in the office one last time while they were reminiscing on their time there. NBC should have forked over a large amount of money just to get him in that scene. I was just really glad he came for Dwight….that’s what she said.

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