Well Addison Russell, it’s been real

Addison Russell

Addison Russell has had an interesting time with the Cubs to say the least. He was part of a huge trade during the beginning of Theo Epstein’s tenure. He became one of the core four players that Theo built the Cubs around. Along with Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Schwarber, and Kris Bryant, this core was an integral part of the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Championship. He has provided plenty of clutch hits throughout his time with the Cubs. He was an All Star in 2016 and has been nominated for a gold glove before.

Unfortunately, Addison has had off field issues that have now shown a lot of who he actually is. He is an actual scum bag. Just last year, his wife at the time came out with an Instagram post stating that Addison had cheated, lied, and disrespect her. Just last night, she shed some horrible details on her relationship with Addison Russell. The blog can be found here. I am not going to quote it or go into detail because it is truly a terrible situation. No human being should ever have to go through what Melisa went through. No on deserves that.

With this news coming out, I think it is best for the Cubs and Addison Russell to go their separate ways. This is a chance for Theo to let it be known that there is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this type of behavior.  There was a lot of backlash when Theo traded for Aroldis Chapman after his suspension for domestic violence. Fans were quick to move past this because Chapman had served his time and was a very high caliber player.  It is sad to say but the better the player you are the more leeway you are given when it comes to off the field issues. It is terrible but it’s the truth.

Addison Russell is under control by the Cubs until 2022.  He is only 24 years old. He is young and mistakes are sometimes overlooked because of age. It is very tough to overlook this type of behavior. It will be very interesting to see how the Cubs handle this situation. Addison Russell has not been the same player he was in during his all star year in 2016. His defense will always be beyond superb but his struggles at the plate may make this decision easier for Cubs executives.

Just recently, Addison Russell was out at Bottled Blonde in Chicago at 2:00am when the Cubs had a day game the next day.

Patience has grown very thin for Cubs fans when it comes to Addison Russell.

I truly hope Addison gets his life figured out and learns from this mistake.  I hope his ex wife can move forward with her life and find someone that treats her the way a woman deserves to be treated. This is a terrible situation and I think the Cubs will do the right thing.

P.S. On a less serious note, Addison Russell provided one of the more embarrassing moments in my life as a diehard Cubs fan. I was at a trivia with all of my friends and the question was “Who hit a grand slam in Game 6 of the 2016 World Series?” I love the Chicago Cubs and always have. For some reason I said Willson Contreras. To this day, my friends still bring this up and they should. I will truly never live that down.

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