#TinThoughts: The Monsters Are Back


The Chicago Bears put the NFL on notice last night. This is not the Chicago Bears of the last five years. This is not a team to laugh at. There is no boring old man or dorky guy with glasses on the sidelines running this team.

The Bears defeated the Seahawks in a rather ugly affair and this leads us to another edition of #TinThoughts.  Last week, I told everyone to calm down and tried to keep the mood up beat in the room.  Hopefully you listened folks, hopefully you listened. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

We begin once again with Kahlil Mack.  I will say it once again, the man is not a human being. This guy….

Has turned into this….

Image-1 (1)

What on Earth is this human being eating? Quarterbacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that’s what!! Mack had a strip sack to go along with his 4 tackles all while leading this dominant Bears front. If I can nitpick for one second, I have found one thing that Chicago fans probably aren’t too particular fond of:

Why does he do the LeBron celebration? He is from Florida and went to Buffalo. If anyone knows the answer to this please tweet it to me, @TinTidwell.

The monster that is Khalil Mack has brought one thing to the entire league’s attention: the Chicago Bears defense is back. This is the brand of Bears football that Chicagoans dream of. Smash mouth, hard nosed defense. This defense leads the leagues in sacks through 2 games. Danny Trevathan had a strip late in the game. Prince Amukamara capped it off with a beautiful pick 6. If this defense can continue to play this way, the life of Mitch Trubisky should become much easier.

This leads me to #10. He is showing growing pains, lots of them.  People are calling for his head already. They think he is a bust. They are ready to hand the reigns over to Chase Daniel. I hate to quote Aaron Rodgers, but R-E-L-A-X. You are allowed to be worried. He has not shown the greatest wherewithal as a passer throughout the first few games. He has missed open receivers multiple times. Please remember, he is young. He is learning a new offense. There will be mistakes. He calmed down and did exactly what he needed to do in the second half. Manage the football game, do not make mistakes, let the defense do the brunt of the work, and you will be just fine Mitch.  I expect a HUGE bounce back game for this entire offense against the putrid Arizona Cardinals in week 3.

Sebastian Janikowski is an absolute unit. The Polish Cannon is still out there at the age of 40 just blasting balls through the uprights. They announced during the game that he was 260 pounds.  In a league where kickers are missing extra points left and right, it is heartwarming to know this guy is still booting them from 50 plus out.


Someone that does not get the publicity he deserves is Shaquem Griffin. He does not play a ton but the fact that he made it to the NFL with one hand is truly astounding. He is a huge victory for the human race and deserves to be celebrated every single time he steps onto that field.  Here’s to you Shaquem.

Someone that does not deserve a shred of publicity is Mychal Kendricks.  It is absurd that the NFL is allowing him to play when he could be headed to prison come December.  For those that do not know, Kendricks admitted to taking part in insider trading. The Seahawks signed him because they need help at linebacker. He is a good player but he should have to sit out until he finds out his destiny in court.  Once again, Roger Goodell continues his streak of fantastic decisions.

There you have it Bears fans, the Bears are back to .500 for the first time since 2004.  That is embarrassing.  This city lives and dies with this team, it is nice to finally see a semblance of a winning franchise. This team is young, there will be growing pains. Matt Nagy is still learning how to run this offense best, same goes for Mitch.  Be patient, Rome was not built in a day.

Bear down.

One thought on “#TinThoughts: The Monsters Are Back

  1. Happy you touched on Mychal Kendricks, I personally think he’s a scum bag and his on field antics drive me bananas. Shoutout to Shaquem. Bear down forever. Go osos.


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