#TinThoughts: Death by Aaron Rodgers


Well folks, that was fun while it lasted.  I have a lot of thoughts on last night’s Bears defeat.  As we all know here at the ol’ Stay Tuned Folks, when I have a lot to say we get a #TinThoughts.  I am going to try to do these each week after the Bears game since I will most likely always have loads to say about the Monsters of the Midway.

We will start off with the most obvious fact, Aaron Rodgers is not a human being.  He is a cyborg built to play quarterback.  I don’t know if anyone knows but Aaron Rodgers got hurt last night. If you didn’t know, Chris Collinsworth was there to remind us 823 times during the broadcast.  I absolutely loved the fantastic evidence showing his left leg before and after the injury.  Not like the type of throws he was making had anything to do with his leg planting or not.  God, that was the worst. Okay, Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears and always will.  Glad we got that over with.

Kyle Fuller dropping that interception was absolutely heartbreaking.  Collinsworth mentioned that this was a problem with him last year.  He said he dropped 6 interception attempts in 2017.  I cannot find any evidence of this but this is something that he should maybe work on a bit.  Interceptions are kind of important when you are a cornerback.  An interception to wrap up an upset in Lambeau is extremely important for those who didn’t know.

While we are on disappointments, we should talk about the play calling a bit. Third and two with 2:47 left in the game.  Jordan Howard had just burst out for a 11 yard gain on 2nd and 13.  A first down all but ends the game.  Howard and Tarik Cohen had 107 yards on just 20 carries (5.35 per carry).  Nagy then decides to get cute with it and an incomplete pass follows. I do not understand why you do not just hand the ball off to Howard.  The running game was working all game and Nagy was very reluctant to hand the ball off at times.  He reminded me a bit of Joe Maddon last night.  Instead of doing the logical thing, coaches sometimes get too cute and smart.  Maddon does it all the time.  Coaches nowadays just think too much, sometimes the correct call is right in front of your face.

Alright, that is enough bad stuff for now.  Let’s move on to some of the many bright spots in Lambeau.

The brightest of them all. Khalil Mack. I will say it one more time for the people in the back.  Khalil Mack. He made his presence known in the biggest way possible. Mack had a pick, a return for touchdown, a sack, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery.  To make a statement like that in a rivalry game is truly incredible.  His constant pressure also helped the front seven get pressure on the quarterback all game long.  It led to Roquan Smith getting his first career sack on his first play in the NFL. Not to mention, Mack hardly knows the playbook.  He has practiced with the team only a handful of times.  This dude is going to be so scary this year and Ryan Pace is looking like an absolute genius.

Tarik Cohen is absolutely electric.  I tweeted this out last night but he is the Javy Baez of the Chicago Bears.  He is the most exciting player to watch by far.  Every single time he touches the ball, magic happens.  He didn’t do a ton last night but I just felt that needed to be mentioned.  Also, averaging 5 yards a carry for the pass catching running back isn’t too shabby.

Jordan Howard showed us something last night.  Sure, he ran the ball phenomenally and averaged 5.5 yards per carry.  More importantly, Jordan Howard can catch the football! Last season, Howard would have to be taken out many plays because he had stone hands. Last night, he caught 5 balls.  This will be HUGE if he can continue this type of receiving production.  It will allow him to stay on the field for more plays and provide Mitch more protection as Howard is quite sufficient at blocking.

The offense showed it was still getting its feet under itself last night.  The first 25 or so plays were beautiful.  Obviously, these were all scripted plays but they were just gorgeous.  This was a completely different offense than the boring, mundane offense John Fox ran the past few seasons in Chicago.  For multiple plays, Charles Leno was lined up as a receiver. I imagine John Fox had some sort of heart palpation when he saw this insanity. The one thing that I wondered was if sitting the starters for majority of the preseason games had anything to do with this.  Usually I like to think that has nothing to do with how a team performs in the season but I have to imagine the offense would have been in sync had they had a few more in game reps. It will take a little bit for this offense to fully get rolling and I am very excited to see this at full force.

Mitch Trubisky looked okay.  He didn’t have too many mistakes, the one glaring one would be missing Allen Robinson in the first half in the endzone.  He did not commit any turnovers which will be huge seeing at how dominant this defense should be.  He also is still learning this new offense so he will get a pass this week.  Overall, I would give him a solid B-.  Not awful but not great.

As a whole, Bears fans should be optimistic.  This loss hurts. There is no doubt about that.  Being up 20-0 at halftime and losing is never easy.  Losing to Aaron Rodgers again in Lambeau in primetime always sucks.  This wasn’t supposed to even be a game. The Bears were supposed to be a team on the rise, not a team that could come in Week 1 and compete with the NFC North favorites.  The offense will come around and resemble the first 25 plays more than the second half.  The defense is going to be elite.  This front 7 is going to be an issue for the NFL.  Roquan Smith hardly played. Khalil Mack still isn’t fully ingrained in the defense. This team has promise, they will be in the hunt towards the end of the year. I know this stings but the pieces are there folks.  These are not your Marc Trestman/John Fox Bears. This season is going to be fun, I can promise you that.

Bear down.


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