Which time zone reigns supreme?


As most people know, the NFL season kicked off last night.  BIG night for those who obsessively follow sports like myself.  Mother Nature had other plans.  The game was delayed from lightning and did not kick off until 9:05 EST.  This led to a discussion between my friends that has been had many of times.

Which timezone is the best?

A lot of us are obsessive sports watchers so the basis of the argument was centered around that.

The country runs on Eastern time.  All major sporting events are planned around which time is best suitable for those on the East coast.  The country must follow what is best for cranky New Yorkers.  Fine.

That is funny because the Eastern timezone is by far the worst timezone of all of them.  Games start at 8 o’clock.  Let’s say the average sports game is 3 hours long.  This puts you in bed at 11 o’clock minimum.  Add in the hour you take scrolling through twitter reading everyone’s opinions on said game and you are asleep at midnight.  Most Americans wake up between 6:00am-7:00am so you are getting at most 7-8 hours of sleep from your standard game.  I am not even going to get in to overtime, rain delays, etc.  Sure, you have plenty of time to workout, eat dinner, and get settled before the game starts.  I’d rather take the extra hour of sleep.  Not to mention, football starts at 1:00pm.  That is entirely too long to wait for football when you wake up on Sunday.  I am OUT on the Eastern timezone.

In my opinion, this question is a two horse race.  It is between Central time and Mountain time.  Most games start at 7:00 CST.  This leaves you time to do what you please after work with the game starting right as you are diving in to the stuffed peppers your lovely significant other prepared.  Or maybe you prepared them, it’s 2018 folks.  We can’t offend anyone here.  Another plus to Central time is the Eastern time zone has only been awake for an hour when you get up.  As I said earlier, the country runs on Eastern time.  News stories and happenings in the world are reported on their time.  By the time you get up, the news for the day is just being published.  It is fantastic.  The downside is the games still end around 10:00 CST.  Thus, putting you to sleep around 11:00 CST at the earliest. Noon kickoff for football is great. A wonderful lunch right when the Bears kickoff is as close to heaven as you will get. I live in the Central timezone so I may be a bit biased here.

Mountain time gives Central time a run for its money. Games start at 6:00 pm local time and football starts at 11:00 am local time.  Football starting at 11 is a HUGE plus in my opinion.  Sure, having lunch right at kickoff is fantastic but saving lunch until halftime of the first set of games might be better.  There is not much time from when you wake up until the games actually start.  The prime time games are over by 9:00 pm, giving you plenty of time to get your doctor recommended 8 hours of sleep.  The only issues I have with mountain time is after work time.  It takes a lot for me to workout in the morning.  I know how great it is, I completely understand all of the benefits. I just cannot get in to the habit of doing it. If I became a morning workout person then this would be the supreme timezone. I am not a morning workout person so I will stick with my central timezone.

Pacific time zone is not great in my opinion, but it is still better than Eastern time.  By the time you wake up, the rest of the country has been up for hours.  The first news stories that pop up on your timeline are now a thing of the past.  Prime time games start as you are leaving work at 5. Football starting at 10 o’clock is amazing, I will give you that.  Games being over before it is even dark out, also pretty sweet.  I just would not like major games starting right as I have to commute home from work.  Californians live on a different time anyways so they probably don’t even care about sports.  Just busy livin’ it and making the most of this thing we call life.

Final rankings:

  1. Central
  2. Mountain
  3. Pacific
  4. Eastern


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