Without Colin Kaepernick, We Don’t Get These…

Tyson Meme

The internet is both a wonderful and awful place.  It can turn the smallest event into the biggest outrage on the planet.  It can also take that outrage and create some of the funniest stuff you will ever see.  That is when the internet is at its best, when we band together to create content you can find nowhere else.

The internet has won this Colin Kaepernick battle.  Yes, the people screaming about Nike outrage and the far right Republicans are trying to pop our balloons.  The internet won’t allow it though, not today folks! The “Believe In Something” memes are some of my favorite memes that have come from a viral moment.  Usually, the memes from a viral moment are very overdone and not very funny.  This is not the case here, I laugh at almost every single one.  I am not even going to provide commentary here, just wanted a place where we can all laugh at the marvelous work of the internet.

Mike Tyson 

Tyson Meme

Britney Spears


Le’Veon Bell 


Toby Flenderson


Floyd Mayweather

Capture 6

Pete Carroll 

Capture 4

Smokin’ Jay Cutler 

Capture 2

Hue Jackson 

Capture 87

Stannis Baratheon 

Capture 32

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