Just Do It.


I am someone who believes in brandy loyalty.  I have been wearing Nike since before I can remember.  To this day, I have had trouble buying Adidas Ultra Boosts because they do not have a swoosh on the side.  I have identified with this brand more than any other in my entire life.

Nike decided to make a big splash yesterday.  This is the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign and Nike chose one of the most controversial figures in football to be the face of the newest installment.  Nike has been paying Colin Kaepernick since 2011, he has not played a snap in an NFL game since 2016.  They were sitting on the perfect spot to use him and let’s just say it made some waves.

Nike was the talk of the town on the old twitter.com yesterday.  Seven hours after the news was announced, they had over 1 million tweets with the word Nike in it.  As the old saying goes, no press is bad press.  Nike sure rattled some cages with this news.   Conservatives across the country ran to the garage to grab their Nikes they used to mow the lawn, they put on some Toby Keith, grabbed their Confederate flag, started an 8 foot bonfire in the backyard, and tossed those 10 year old Air Monarchs right on in there.  I am sure Nike is absolutely devastated about losing their business.

In my opinion, this was a brilliant move by Nike.  Sure, they will lose a little business from it but you don’t think the higher ups in Beaverton thought about the repercussions from this decision.  They have calculated exactly how much money they would lose from this and exactly how much they would gain.  They knew what was coming.  They also realize they are now a polarizing company standing alongside these citizens who have a problem with how our country is run.  They gain respect from those who feel ostracized in society while losing a couple bucks from Billy Bob in Alabama.

Adidas has taken over Nike as the most popular shoe brand with the youth of America.  Nike may still hold the market share but Adidas is far and away more prevalent in schools across the country.  Nike needed to make some sort of noise.  They sat on Kaepernick and pounced right before football season starts.  They made their brand the talk of the town.  The key to all of this is how they capitalize on this moving forward.  Supposedly they will be coming out with Kaepernick branded apparel and will continue to ride this campaign to more money in the bank.

Good on you Nike, you made a stand and also will most likely make more money because of this.  Just do it.

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