Congratulations folks, we made it!


Did you wake up this morning with a little extra pep in your step? Do you feel that cool, crisp in the air? Probably not but right now you’re imagining it.  Do you all of the sudden feel the urge to eat 85 wings and dump a million beers down your throat? I bet you’re still wondering why you feel this way.  You are confused but you like this feeling, you like it a lot.

Let me tell you why you feel this way.

Football is back.

Yes, I know college football technically started last week.  Unless you are a huge Prairie View fan or you live and die with Duquesne then football starts for you today.   I have some even better news for you.  Are you sitting down?

There will be a football game played in each of the next 6 months.  For the next half of a year, football will be on your screen in one way or another.

There is a slate of 12 different games on tonight and then we are on to our regularly scheduled college football Saturday programming.

Not to mention, a week from today the National Football League will be on your television.  Your fantasy lineup will need to be set.  You will once again feel that tingle deep down in your plums.  The dog days of summer are over.  It is time to lose loads and loads of money watching grown human beings run into each other at full speed.  Actually, run full speed and then touch each other ever so slightly only to be called a penalty but that is a conversation for another time.

My only word of advice is to soak it up.  It is exciting now and you feel like life without football is so far away.  The end will be here before you know it.  February will come and you will be lifeless enduring the negative degree temperature pondering the meaning of life.

Enjoy it, football is back.

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