Colorado School District sets example for Corporate America

funny students in class(1)

A Colorado school district flipped the world upside down with this announcement .  It is a move that Corporate America needs to follow and they needed to follow up on it yesterday.  I am convinced this could solve a lot of the problems in America.  People would be happier, more relaxed, and would not be so pent up about every single thing Donald Trump tweets.  Okay, maybe they still will be but if he made the work week 4 days I guarantee he would gain more support.

That is right folks.  A Colorado school district announced it will be moving to a 4 day school week.  They are doing this because they will be cutting costs by $1 million by making this switch.  They will only have to pay for services such as substitute teachers and bus drivers 4 days a week.

This is a god damn dream.

These kids will grow up not hating Mondays.  Hopefully one of these kids is smart enough to run for office.  They will start a revolution in Washington DC.  They will tell the world how great their childhood was not having to worry about Monday.  All of the sudden, in the year 2036, Mondays are no longer a part of the work week.  Sunday Scaries will cease to exist.  Long weekends are now the norm. Monday is now a day to relax and recharge your batteries so you can give it your all for 4 days.

Someday, I hope this dream will come true.  A Monday fresh off a bachelor party weekend has me dreaming of my bed.  Do what is right kids of Colorado, join politics, and change the United States for the better.  4 day work week,  2036 election, you have my vote already.


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