Let’s talk about the “rap artists” of today


Throughout my youth, I have been the suburban white kid who enjoys rap music.  Eminem is still one of my favorite artists.  I truly believe the College Dropout/Late Registration/Graduation era is by far the best version of Kanye. Like every other white subrbanite, my Facebook statuses were filled with Lil’ Wayne lines. I even knew every word to Oxy Cotton by the well known Lil Wyte.  I have been well versed in the rap game pretty much my entire life.

That was up until a few years ago.

What in the world has happened to rap?

For those of you wondering what the hell I am talking about, let’s take a look at some of the “rap artists” of today.

Lil’ Xan 


Trippie Redd 




Lil Pump 


Lil Peep (RIP)


These people look like sideshow acts in the circus instead of rappers.  I do not know when getting tattoos all over your face and neck became the cool thing to do.  Since when is having your hair 8 different neon colors cool?  I thought that was reserved for emo punk bands.  Those dudes have to be pissed that these “rappers” are stealing their shtick.

I am going to get real for  a second to stay with me, The worst part of it all is that these rappers rap about doing prescription pills.  I hate to sound like a jaded, old man but it really is part of the problem.  Lil Peep recently passed away with loads of opiates in his system.  Hours before his death, he posted videos on Instagram of him popping Xanax and shaking a prescription pill bottle.  There is nothing cool about that.

I mean Lil Xan is a name of an artist nowadays.  If that doesn’t scream something is wrong with this rap generation then I don’t know what does.

Long story short, let’s just stick to rapping about money, women, and smoking weed.  We can toss in some fake feuds every now and then to get the juices flowing.  There is no need to be rapping about popping pills and getting your eyelids tattooed.

P.S. The 2000s created the best rap music and I miss it dearly.

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