Ryan Pace, it is time to roll the dice

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Ryan Pace has done a solid job rebuilding this Bears team.  It has taken longer than Bears fans would have liked, but I think it is finally at a spot where they will be contending by next season.  I think the Bears should do a little something to accelerate contending.  I think it is time to make this Bears defense a top five defense in the league.

Go out and get Khalil Mack.

Trade a couple first rounders for him, do whatever is necessary.

I know this sounds like a crazy idea since the Bears are in the midst of a rebuild but hear me out.  For starters, Khalil Mack is a bonafide stud.  He instantly becomes the best player on a defense that is already projected to finish in the top half of the NFL.  He fills the biggest void on said defense, a guy to knock down the quarterback.  Khalil is the 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year and a 2015 first-team All-Pro at both defensive end and outside linebacker. He has 40.5 career sacks and 185.5 QB pressures.

This would come at a high cost.  Odds are the Raiders would want multiple first round picks.  It is important to look at the big picture here.  These picks likely would be around the middle or late in the first round assuming Mack makes this team a contender.  Ryan Pace has also had a lot of success in the middle rounds of drafts the last few years so the Bears will still get quality players within the draft.  Eddie Jackson, Tarik Cohen, Adrian Amos, and Jordan Howard were all picked in the 4th round or later and expect to be significant contributors this season.

The Bears also have cap space, look at the guys who will be free agents in the next few years:

S Adrian Amos (‘19)
NT Eddie Goldman (‘19)
CB Bryce Callahan (‘19)
RT Bobby Massie (‘19)
LB Danny Trevathan & Nick Kwiatkoski (‘20)
RB Jordan Howard (‘20)
C Cody Whitehair (‘20)

Let’s safely assume a good chunk of these guys will be extended as well so it won’t eat up much of your salary cap.  The Bears are looking at around $35 million next season and $61 million the following season when it comes to cap space. (Here is where I got those numbers for the doubters).  This is before roster adjustments are made so they theoretically could have even more.  The Bears have money to blow.

They have key players in key positions locked up for years to come.  This is the time to go after a franchise changing player.  Mack solidifies the defense and gives Mitch some breathing room when it comes to development.  Having a top 5 defense will do wonders for his growth.  He knows that he can take some chances on offense knowing the Monsters of the Midway will be there should something go wrong.

Ryan Pace made a gamble trading up one spot to draft Trubisky.  It is time he takes one more roll of the dice.  Make your time in Chicago memorable Ryan. Khalil Mack, no matter what.




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