Well I guess this is growing up


In the last few years, there have been multiple times that I have realized that I am no longer my younger self.  These realizations truly hit you like a bag of bricks at first.  You realize you no longer can get away with things you used to be able to.  You have to pay for your own insurance. Bills stack up. You have to worry about your 401k.  Life really comes at you fast, it sucks.  The good thing is you find appreciation in some brand new things.  The things you used to make fun of your parents for now become a joy in your life.

There are plenty of things that make you feel old so let’s just list these out Buzzfeed style, shall we?

Getting excited about new appliances.  This one comes around your 3rd apartment.  You have lived the extended college life for a few years and it was fantastic.  You piled 6 people in a 4 bedroom apartment and paid $500 a month in rent.  Eventually, you grow up and move in with just a few guys or a significant other.  This is when you realize you want a nice stove.  You get excited about a fridge with an icemaker. You love a fresh pair of sheets. Most importantly, you truly value a great couch.

You can’t stand crowded/loud bars.  This starts at different ages for everyone.  At first, you are fine with loud bars and actually prefer to not hear anyone speak.  It is much better for you luck with the ladies.  Speaking doesn’t help you much.  You then get a bit older and realize you need a place where you can speak to your friends.  You are okay with waiting in lines places as long as you can get in.  Crowded bars don’t phase you much.  Finally, you hit a point where you aren’t going to the bar unless there is a seat and the music is playing at a respectable level.  Too loud and you bet your ass you will complain about it to anyone who can hear you.  Oh and lines? Forget that, no one has time for lines over the age of 25.

Sober sleep is the absolute best. You truly realize you are old when this hits you.  You come to the conclusion that you would rather stay in and get a nice night of sober sleep than go out and be social.  The feeling of sleeping in on a Saturday after a night of not doing a thing on Friday becomes the most liberating feeling on the planet.  Usually going out on the weekend gets you through the week but eventually the thought of sleeping in for one day is what makes Monday-Friday beyond worth it.

You don’t understand music nowadays. Rap is what opened my eyes to this the most.  I got down with the EDM craze. I went to a few festivals in my day. I enjoy the womp womp beats as long as it is not too aggressive. Let’s not get crazy folks.  The rap artists are what really drives me up a wall.  I mean just look at the names of these “artists”: Lil’ Xan, XXXtentacion (RIP), 6ix9ine, ITSOKTOCRY.  Not to mention, these kids have 83 tattoos on their face to go along with their pink and neon green hair.  God damnit, this one actually makes me mad.  I fear for the future of music.

Your parents. A few years after you move out this is one that hits you hard.  It also can hit you if you live with your parents and you don’t mind being around them.  A lot of the times though you live with them to save money but absolutely hate that you are still under their rules.  In high school, your parents are disciplinarians that prevent you from truly spreading your wings.  In college, you don’t see them as much so you hate when you go home and coming back blacked out is frowned upon.  This all changes post college.  You realize your parents are actually cool.  They are pretty fun to hang around and they have a decent sense of humor without even trying.  You come to realize you actually are them.  People hang around people like themselves to in retrospect it makes sense that you enjoy hanging out with your parents.


There are plenty of other things I can add to this list such as going to bed early, a clean house, drinking nice alcohol, etc.  Don’t fear getting old folks, embrace it.


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