A few storylines to look for on Hard Knocks


The greatest reality TV show for men kicks off tonight on HBO.  Football is officially back.  Hard Knocks is back with the Cleveland Browns.  On the surface, a team that won 0 games probably doesn’t excite you much.  Let me tell ya, there are plenty of characters to look for this season.  There are a few storylines that should be exciting to watch unfold.  The first being….

Baker Mania 


This season’s #1 draft pick and one of the most exciting players in the NFL draft will be vying for the starting QB position.  Word out of Cleveland is that Tyrod Taylor will most likely get the starting nod week 1.  That does not matter one bit.  Baker is full of personality and I expect him to be an absolute star this season.  Plus, Tyrod and Baker supposedly rented an RV for quarterbacks only so that should be epic.

The Head ball coach 


The head coach is always a focal point of Hard Knocks.  What better focal point than a guy who has won 1 single game in 2 full seasons. No one really knows how he has kept his job up to this point.  I am sure a look into how he operates this powerhouse football organization will only add more confusion to that question.

Josh Gordon 


The Browns have more polarizing stars than you think.  Josh Gordon is no exception.  He has climbed his way back to the NFL after a lot of run ins with the marijuana drug. What a terrible person.  Oh and he posted a picture of himself looking real thin this offseason…


Last year’s #1 pick 


As you can see here, the Browns have a couple freaks on their team.  No, that is not an Instagram model.  That is former #1 pick Myles Garrett.  He was bothered by injury at the beginning of last year but finished out the season with 7 sacks in his rookie campaign.  He looks to be the next young star in the NFL, should be fun to watch him terrorize the Browns offensive line in practice.

The Cleveland Browns 


Last but not least, let’s remember this is the Cleveland Browns after all.  They have become the absolute laughing stock in all of sports.  Many would say they are the worst run franchise in the last few decades of sports.  They have won over 5 games once since 2008.  They have not made the playoffs since 2002. They have had 928 quarterbacks start for them in the last few years.  They have zero of their first round picks prior to 2016 on their roster.

Needless to say, I think the Browns actually have a shot to be decent this season.  I also think it should make for a great season of Hard Knocks.  Happy Football season folks!

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