I have a question about The Rock


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become arguably the most popular movie star in today’s generation.  He is a social media wizard, with over 111 million followers on Instagram.  He has earned $124 million so far in 2018.  That is a ridiculous number for one year for anyone, let alone someone who crushes 84 pancakes and 26 chocolate cookies once a week.  He recently gifted his stunt double a brand new, custom truck.  Everyone loves The Rock and there is no reason to not like this man.

He is obviously very accomplished and knows exactly what he is doing.  There is a reason his stardom has grown the way it has in the past few years.  My question is this…

Does he ever turn down a movie?

Seriously, look at how many movies he has been in since he started acting.

Capture Rock

Capture Rock 2

He has been in a movie every single year for the past 17 YEARS! He has not taken one year off just to soak in his success.  These aren’t movies that take a few months to film either.  There are full blown action movies.  They take a lot of time and The Rock does not turn down a single one.

There is no one in show business that plays his role better than The Rock.  He knows exactly what works, what puts all that money in his pocket, and he continues to accept action film after action film.

Can you really blame him though? He is worth almost a quarter of a billion dollars for a reason.  I just wonder if there is ever an action movie that comes across and he just goes “nah, I’m good”.  At this point, I feel like he is addicted to the rush that action movies bring him.  They are his heroin and he cannot put down the needle.

As I said before, the man works his tail off and deserves all the accolades and money that comes with these movies.  It is just funny to me because I feel like every other preview nowadays is of The Rock throwing a building to the side, walking directly towards an explosion, a proclamation of a cheesy, motivational line, and then him saving a school bus full of children.

Keep accepting every single role Dwayne, America simply cannot get enough.

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