A word to athletes on their old tweets…


In the past couple years, digging up old tweets from athletes and celebrities has become the new way to discover just who is racist, homophobic, offensive, etc.  It is a surefire way to find out how people truly feel about sensitive subjects…

Recently, the MLB has found this out first hand.  In just the last month, Josh Hader, Trea Turner, and Sean Newcomb have all had insensitive tweets from their past resurface.  The media of course has eaten this up.  Josh Hader supposedly cried in front of his teammates about this.  Search the internet and you can find tons of hot takes on how terrible of human beings these people are.

This is something that I think we will see much more of throughout the next few years.  Athletes nowadays all grew up with social media.  Their friends have all tweeted from their account when they got up to go to the bathroom.  It was a prank as old as time.  Unfortunately for them, the media refuses to accept that could ever happen.

My advice to any pro athlete or any athlete who thinks they may become famous one day.


Make a new one.  I am sure you tweeted some racially insensitive tweets when you were in high school.  What you said back in college is not acceptable nowadays.  Everyone gets offended by everything.

If you don’t want to delete your twitter then hire someone to sift through your tweets or go do it yourself.  It will take an hour tops if you tweet a lot.  I don’t understand how pro athletes with entire media teams around them get in this sort of trouble.

Maybe they have been deleted and there is some guy that is hoarding every insensitive tweet from any athlete ever.  Maybe he sits on these tweets, waits for a big moment for said athlete, and then releases them to wolves.

Lastly, stop getting offended at everything these athletes tweet.  I know they are terrible things they tweet but this is not who these people are.  This could have been their friends who tweeted these things.  It is also possible that they were dumb teenagers who don’t know that what you say has consequences.  Let’s give everyone a break on this and relax a bit.  We don’t HAVE to be offended by everything nowadays people.

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