The NBA offseason stays undefeated


Once again, the NBA showed why it has become the most popular sport year round.  The league has grown exponentially in popularity for a reason.  The NBA takes zero days off.  The offseason has become more exciting than the actual season at this point.

Yesterday was no exception to the excitement.  On a random Wednesday night in July, the NBA once again was the headline story.

The following tweets explain the entire story.

Kevin Durant once again hopping on the old and getting into the mix.  He has not fared too well on this website in the past, yet he continues to tweet.  Thankfully, he no longer is doing this from his burner accounts.  Who am I kidding?  We all know the burner life isn’t something you just quit cold turkey.

I am not going into the actual argument because I think it is pretty dumb to be honest.  As a diehard stoolie, I love seeing that Big Cat started this and the national media has to mention that part.

The point of this all is that the NBA has done a fantastic job marketing themselves.  You know how the MLB has marketed Trout and all of its stars?  The NBA has done the exact opposite of that.  They allow all of their players to have a voice on social media.  They allow their content to be shared over every single platform.  They realize that people consume sports and news via their phones so they cater to that audience.

Every single league should take note on what the NBA has done.  The story lines create themselves once you allow marketing of your sport.  Crazy concept, I know.  It also helps that a good chunk of NBA players now have podcasts and are very interested in the media side of this all.

There are 3 months until the actual season starts and I don’t know that I even want it to start.  We all know how it will shake out.  I am much more interested in the drama and intrigue of players interacting via social media.  The NBA is fully of pettiness and I would like it injected into my veins.  The offseason has become a reality show of sorts.  Males now have something to rival Keeping Up with The Kardashians.  Thank you National Basketball Association, never change.

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