The indecision of the Ice Cream Truck


You saw the picture, the song played in your head, and you were instantly taken back in time.  A time that was much easier. A time that had zero bills.  A time that was filled with days at the pool. A time that didn’t involve you sitting in your cube reading this god forsaken. underachieving blog.

The toughest part of that time involved one thing, what to get from the ice cream truck.  There are plenty of options but there are only a few that you can pick without looking like a psychopath to your friends.  You never wanted to look like a psychopath to your friends.  Next thing you know, you are sitting in your house and there is a lawn full of bikes.


Yep, your Huffy isn’t part of that crowd anymore because you chose to get a double chocolate, Turtle ice cream cone in the 103 degree heat. Who in the world eats that much chocolate in the dead of summer? Your friends no longer trust you and you go on to live a life full of misery and regret.

So without further adieu, here are the couple options you can choose to ensure your children have a social life by the age of 6.


Choco Taco


The grandaddy of them all, the Choco Taco.  I know I just ripped eating chocolate in the middle of the summer to shreds but this is an exception.  The Choco Taco is the premier choice when it comes to summer time delights.  It is extremely easy to eat.  Each bite gives you a little chocolate, little waffle cone, little ice cream.  It is an American wonder that should be treated as such.


Pop Ups


This is another choice to really show you know what you are doing.  It is unique but is also a staple to the ice cream truck. It came in all different flavors and the good ice cream trucks have the cartoon character ones. (Shoutout Fred Flinstone). This is a treat that you must pay extremely close attention to.  Get into a shouting match with Tommy and all of the sudden your tasty treat has melted all over your arm.


Strawberry Shortcake/Chocolate Eclair 


The crunch with the ice cream with the sweetness of the strawberry.  That is really all that needs to be said about these bad boys.  The chocolate eclair version is also fantastic but a bit much in the sweltering heat.  Opt for the Strawberry Shortcake if you are outside, you will not regret it.


Big Dipper Ice Cream Cone 


Lastly, the big dipper ice cream cone.  The nuts with the chocolate and the ice cream are a treat at the beginning.  The end is the reason this item is on the list folks.  The last bite of this ice cream cone with the melted fudge may be better than any bite of any item you can get from the ice cream truck.  Whoever decided to add that little treat at the end belongs in the ICHOF (Ice Cream Hall of Fame). in Croaker, Virginia.

To round this all out, here are a few you should not get.

  • Ice Cream Sandwich–boring, no one will like you and you will get cake all over your hands.
  • Blue Turbo Rocket Popsicle–be more basic, Popsicles are extremely messy and will just melt all over the place
  • Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich–this is a delicious treat but not something you should be eating on a hot, summer day.

Enjoy the rest of your summer folks, soon enough it will be cold and we will all hate our lives more than we already do.


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