The winner of The Open didn’t finish in first


Sunday morning, Francesco Molinari played a flawless last round of The Open.  It was a round golfers around the globe dream they can one day play.  He fired a 2 under 69 and finished the final 37 holes without a bogey.  The Italian journeyman finally won his first major in Scotland.

He may have took home the trophy but he was not the true winner.

The true winner was Tiger Woods and the entire game of golf.

Tiger Woods proved to all of his doubters and his fanboys that he can in fact compete for a major championship.  He was in contention up until the end and for a short time on Sunday looked to be the favorite to win it all.  He ended up imploding but we are not here to talk about Tiger’s shortcomings.

We are here to talk about the fact that he has now made golf exponentially better for the next 5-10 years.  For years we watched him dominate the golf landscape and for the last 5-10 years we have watched him struggle to find who he is.  We have watched him show his true colors.  Those colors are that he is a scum bag of a human being who did a lot of terrible things.  People may forget that now that he is good again but please remember he sucks horrendously as a human.  Any rational person can separate how an athlete performs on the field versus who they are as an actual human being.  I digress.  We watched him battle injury after injury. We watched him struggle to regain who he once was as a golfer.

He has now shown he can compete with these young guns.  At one point on Sunday, the leader board had Rory, Jordan, and old Tiger all vying for a major championship.  This is what every golf fan who remember Tiger’s glory days has been hoping for.  All we want is to watch Tiger go head to head with the new crop of golf’s finest.

Tiger finally gave us that on Sunday simply be being on that leader board late into the round.

I once stated on this here blog, that there is more to see than Tiger when it comes to golf.  I still believe that to be true.  I still want everyone to look around and bask in all of the talent in today’s game.  The fact of the matter is this, Tiger moves the needle.  Twitter was buzzing Sunday morning when it looked like the feline may actually break his Major drought.  He is the reason the casual sports fan becomes glued to their TV.

So on a Sunday late in July, all of us were the real winners.  Tiger Woods was the winner.  He proved to us that eventually we will get him going head to head with this new wave of young talent.

When will that happen? Stay tuned folks!

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