If you could play one professional sport what would it be?


This has been a topic for a long time with my friend group and I think it is one you should bring up with your friends this weekend.  There are a lot of different factors that go into it so don’t just say football without thinking about the fact that you could die on the field.

For the sake of the argument, let’s say you are in the top third of athletes in your respective sport.  You are not the best but you are better than your average player.  Bradley Beal, DeAndre Jordan, LeSean McCoy, AJ Green, Anthony Rizzo, Adam Scot type athletes.

Alright now that you know what type of athlete you are, which sport would you chose to play?

Right off the bat, I am eliminating football.  Although it is by far the most popular and you will gain the most notoriety, it is also the most dangerous. CTE folks, ever heard of it.  I would prefer to be able to get out of bed when I am 50.  Football, ya done!

Next choice in my opinion would be basketball.  This is obviously where you would make the most money.  The 10th guy off the bench has a contract for 15 years worth $950 million in the NBA.  That would be very nice but once again comes the injury.  People tear their ACL a lot in basketball.  Rehabbing sounds absolutely miserable.  Given the choice, I do not want to put myself in any position where I could have to rehab a lot.

Okay Tin, you don’t want to get hurt you big baby.  Pick a wimpy sport you beta.

Fine, baseball has minimal injuries.  You make a lot of money.  You get to play in the summer.  Everyone loves summer.  You would get to live completely under the radar since most people don’t even know what the best player in the MLB looks like.  The biggest downside to MLB, time.  Do you really want to work from March to possibly November?  I hate having to work 12 months out of the year.  Given the opportunity, I am not choosing the sport that requires me to work almost every single day for 9 months of the year.

This leads me to my answer.

Drum roll please.


Thanks Barney.

The correct answer is a PGA golfer.

There are plenty of reasons why so stay with me.  Let’s start off with the big thing which is money.  Adam Scott for example is ranked 82nd in the world right now.  I know he had some stretches of greatness, including a win at Augusta.  He is a very solid golfer.  Throughout his career, he has earned $42.8 million.  That is more than enough money for me folks.  He also has been on the PGA Tour since 2000 and has had virtually zero injuries.  He has been golfing professionally for 18 years and at the age of 37 can continue doing that for another 18 years.  When it is all said and done, he will probably have made around $60 million on the course.  This does not include any endorsement deals he has made.  Money is not an issue for these guys.

Another reason, you get to play in the best spots in the country and also in the best weather.  It is always nice when you’re golfing.  That is a fact.  Sunshine shines down 100% of the time you step onto that tee box.  You get to play on pristine courses that are manicured to absolute perfection.

You can play this game until the day you die.  Pretty much everyone golfs. You can go out with your friends and golf.  You can go out with your significant other’s dad and impress the shit out of him.  You can impress potential business partners.  The possibilities are endless when you are good at golf.

The PGA schedule spans 37 weeks and requires you to play 15 tournaments to retain your membership.  That means you have to golf 60 days out of the entire year to stay on the tour.  Sign. Me. Up.

I am sure there are other reasons I am forgetting but that is where I stand.  Go out and have this conversation at the bar with your friends. Enjoy yourself folks and as always stay tuned for what’s next!


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