The Baby Bulls 2.0 will be very entertaining


Over the weekend Jabari Parker agreed to a two year, $40 million deal with his hometown Chicago Bulls.  Many people questioned the move, seeing as though Parker has torn his ACL twice already in his young career.  The kicker to this all is the second year is a team option.  The Bulls basically said prove your worth or else we kick you to the curb. A very smart decision by a front office not known to make a lot of those.

This move has made me very excited for the Bulls upcoming season.  This move also solidified this team as the Baby Bulls 2.0 in my eyes.  The first version of the Baby Bulls were not the most successful bunch on the planet.  That is being generous, the Baby Bulls stunk and were a complete failure.  It consisted of Elton Brand, Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry, Jalen Rose, Jay Williams, and of course Eddie Robinson.  These Bulls were supposed to bring the team back to glory in the post Jordan era.  They did not do this and were one of the worst teams in the NBA.

That team was not very exciting.  On paper, this version has the potential to be at the very least entertaining.  Lauri Markkanen is coming off an extremely impressive rookie campaign.  Kris Dunn showed he is actually capable of playing point guard in the NBA.  That is always good.  Wendell Carter Jr. has been the standout performer in the Summer League so far. Zach Lavine got his (not exactly deserved) large paycheck.  He has a lot to prove to Bulls fans.  Bobby Portis will provide a fantastic spark off the bench.  Jabari Parker, although coming off some bad injuries, did average 20 points a game just two years ago before getting hurt.  Lastly, Cameron Payne is back to lead the bench mob with his outstanding point guard play.  Just kidding, Cameron Payne sucks and shouldn’t even be in a pickup rec league game let alone the NBA.

If you are a Bulls fan, like me, you should be excited about what Gar/Pax has put on the floor.  They have been extremely incompetent in the past but it seems they are doing the right thing this time around.  Also, if you are one of those people concerned about cap space.  You sit there barking at the clouds about how much money the Bulls threw at Jabari.  Let me put you at ease friend. Next year the cap will increase to $109 million and the Bulls will have almost $28 million in cap space.  If the Jabari project goes terribly, they will then have $48 million in cap space.  In 2020-2021, the cap will increase to $116 million and the Bulls will have a little over $74 million in cap space. Can the Bulls attract any sort of free agents with that money?  Their history has not been great in that department but with this young core anything can happen.  Stay tuned folks!

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