#TinTruth: Sequels do not ruin the original movie


I have a thought I have been sitting on that needs to be released to the tens of people who will read this.  I figured it was the perfect time to start a brand new segment called #TinTruth.  These topics are not hot takes by any means, they are cold, hard facts.

It is going to start with this bad boy, sequels do not ruin the original movie.

You may be thinking, I wonder what made Tin think of this statement of fact?

Well folks, it was the Space Jam 2 rumor.  We all know the rumor of LeBron starring in Space Jam 2 has now been floating around for years.  Everyone is constantly up in arms about this.  They think it will ruin the original and that Space Jam should only done by Michael Jordan.

The fact of the matter is, this ruin will ruin absolutely nothing about Space Jam.  Let me give you a few examples of sequels not ruining movies.

Sandlot 2.  Did that ruin the sanctity of Benny the Jet pickling the beast for you?

Anchorman 2.  Do you think less of the Channel 4 News team?

Zoolander 2.  I bet you still feel something down below when Blue Steel comes out.

Caddyshack 2.  You would still play 18 at Bushwood Country Club without batting an eye.

That is just to name a few.  Sure, they may botch a story line that was continued on but that is going to happen.  The only caveat to this truth is that sometimes when more than one movie are made then it can ruin the original.  For instance,  some people may think the Rocky trilogy has been ruined now that there are 39 movies that followed the original.  That I can live with.

To me, it is similar to an athlete’s career.  When players who are legends of the game drag out their career, it sometimes tarnishes their image.  Rocky Balboa may be looked at a little less now that he is training Vince Howard as Creed’s son for another fight. People may look at Brett Favre a bit because he overstayed his welcome.  There is nothing wrong with that line of thinking.

One sequel to a movie does not ruin the original.  I will die on this hill.  As a matter of fact, sometimes we get even better movies the second time around!  Godfather is one of the greatest films of all time, yet some people argue the second one is even better.  Home Alone is a great flick but don’t tell me Kevin getting lost in New York in the second one is not a better movie. Let’s not talk about the third Home Alone. Home Alone without Kevin McCallister is no Home Alone of mine.   Same goes for the Mighty Ducks, everyone knows them competing in the Goodwill games against Iceland in the second movie is much better than the original.

So everyone, instead of constantly freaking out about sequels ruining the originals.  Take a second, breathe, and remember that isn’t the case.

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