Javy Báez  needs to be in the Home Run Derby


On Sunday evening, Ednel Javier Báez was selected to start in his first ever All-Star game this year in our nation’s capital.  Before I start, what if Javy decided to go by Ednel instead.  Ednel Baez does not have nearly the same swag as Javy Baez.  Thank you to whoever made sure he did not go by Ednel, really dodged a bullet there.

Ok, back to the lecture at hand.  Javy needs to be in the Home Run Derby.  Simple as that.

I know the derby has ruined people’s swings.  Players tend to have a poor second half after participating in the derby.  I don’t care, the nation needs more Javy.  I am confident Javy can compartmentalize this all and be just fine in the second half.

This man is the definition of electric. MLB does a fantastic job of marketing their stars so majority of the nation knows who he is.  Putting him on the national stage would be an absolute homerun for baseball.  The man swings out of his shoes every single pitch.  He tries to put every single ball on the moon regardless of the score or situation.  He got the MLB logo tattooed on his neck at the age of 16.


His highlight reel on the defensive side of the ball at this point could be the length of a full feature film.  He even once hit a homerun while chewing gum and simultaneously blowing a bubble.

He is up there as one of the most exciting athletes in sports.  He hits the homeruns that make you think they’re going 700 feet.  His follow through is an absolute thing of beauty.  He routinely pimps his homeruns and does not care one bit what you think about it.  He plays the game with passion and wears it on his sleeve.  Javy’s thoughts on all of this?

Imagine Javy and Bryce Harper going head to head in the finals.  A final full of flair. Do the right thing MLB, put El Mago in the Derby so the rest of the world can enjoy him as much as I do.

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