LeBron on the Lakers doesn’t do much for me


As most of the world knows, LeBron James announced he plans to sign a 4 year, $153.3 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.  The only surprising thing about this move is that it was announced via a statement from his agency and not a full blown production.

Honestly, this movie doesn’t do much for me.  The Western Conference is now absolutely LOADED with talent while the East is left with the Little Sisters of the Poor. I am sure the Lakers will end up making a move for another big time free agent or two but I still don’t know if it will be enough to take down the Warriors.  Maybe a team with DeMarcus Cousins and Kawhi Leonard could be enough, but only time will tell if the Lakers can pull both of those moves off.

This move is more about LeBron as a business man in my opinion.  Being in Hollywood leads him to a lot more opportunities for him.  He can now go on any talk show whenever he wants, he can accept any sort of acting role, his agency can get involved in more media/digital production, etc.  I realize he is LeBron James and he can do this from pretty much anywhere but being in the media capital of the world sure doesn’t hurt.

LeBron James’ legacy in the game of basketball is pretty much cemented at this point.  I think majority of people look at him as the second best player of all time.  He will remain there regardless of what he does in Los Angeles.  He will never pass Michael Jordan.  He will never get 6 rings and he has already lost enough Finals for Michael Jordan stans to argue Finals records for the rest of time.  LeBron James is probably more physically gifted when it comes to basketball but when it comes to legacy he will never pass Michael Jordan.

Is it weird that LeBron is jumping from team to team? Yea, kind of.  His relationship with Dan Gilbert has caused this more than anything.  The two constantly butted heads and it was only a matter of time before he moved on.  He knows what is best for him for his post basketball career.  He knows where he stands among the greats of the game. I guess we just get used to seeing LeBron in purple and gold now.  Very, very weird.

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