Your 2018 NBA Draft Analysis: Suit Edition


On Thursday night, dreams were made for a select few young, budding stars.  These athletes were selected to compete at the highest level of basketball in the world.  Obviously, when you are selected to the NBA you must show what you can bring off the court.  Intangibles, leadership skills, and of course…fashion.  There were plenty of great suits and a few not so great ones.  Let’s take a quick dive into how these youngins decided to show what they can bring off the court.

Rodger Sherman kicked off the night by reminding us that these damn millenials don’t even wear socks with their formal wear anymore.  Thanks Obama.

Trae Young


Trae Young getting the closest to LeBron that he ever will in the NBA with this get up.  Personally, I think the short suit is a clown look but it is hot in the streets so credit to Trae for the look.

Luka Doncic


Luka Doncic showing up to his interview as an Account Executive at Groupon looking dapper!  This was a terrible look, show a little bit of personality Luka.  Give it to me one time kid!

Wendell Carter

Image-1 (1)


Wendell Carter paying homage to Wakanda by decking himself out in Gucci from head to toe.  This is a very different look for a guy from Georgia but on NBA Draft night pretty much anything plays as long as it’s different.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander


This is the winner of the night folks and it isn’t even close.  Yes, I know it looks like the couch that is in your grandma’s dining room from 1972.  This is an out there look and that is what we need on the biggest stage for these kids.  This suit is a thing of a beauty and expression, hats off to you Shai.

Donte Divincenzo


Donte Divincenzo could not have gone with a whiter look if he tried.  This look screams “I’m a groomsman in an outdoor wedding in July”  That is about all I have to say on this one.

Lonnie Walker


To round it all out, we have the best picture from the draft.  Lonnie Walker with the Spurs hat on top of his hair is laugh out loud funny.  It honestly looks like the hat is floating above his head.  A+ picture.

There ya have it folks, the NBA promises flashiness at all times and the league delivered once again.  Well done by everyone involved, please continue to wear even more ridiculous outfits during your time in the NBA so we can make fun of them.

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