You’re crazy if you don’t like cereal milk


Folks, this is something that I thought I would never have to defend in my entire life yet here we are.

Let me set the stage for you all, last night my fiancée and I are both enjoying a nice bowl of Special K Red Berries cereal.  We like to act like we are healthy when we scarf down two bowls each night.  Now, I have known for a while that she does not like the milk that is left over after you eat your cereal.  For a while, I have also thought this was a WILD opinion but I digress. I usually do not make fun of her for it since I am a gentleman after all and I prefer not to fight over spilled milk.

*insert laughter*

I was feeling a bit hungrier than usual so I asked if I could drink the milk she did not finish since majority of the human race knows this is the best part of cereal.  She looked at me like I had just licked the railing at the L station.  She was disturbed but proceeded to allow me to finish said milk.  This is where it gets great.  She began to film me finishing this milk.  I let her film me because let’s be honest I enjoy watching myself on camera.  Who doesn’t? She was going to post this as her Insta story to let the people know of this opinion of hers.  She considered doing a poll like all the hip kids these days but then said “if people feel strongly about this they will let me know.” Now she knew it wasn’t the most popular opinion on Earth but she didn’t think too much of it.

As I expected, she was very wrong.

Messages started to flood in that the cereal milk was the best milk around.  Messages that she could not be trusted anymore with these opinions.  People started to question their relationship with her simply off this ridiculous opinion.  I laughed and walked into bed with confirmation that I was right and also a belly full of wonderful cereal milk.

Moral of the story, cereal milk is the best kind of milk and I will hear nothing less.  It is filled with sugary goodness, so much so that there is powder sold to recreate the feeling that caresses your taste buds.


Now, I would never purchase this as I am not a savage.  I also believe that the milk after the cereal is a reward.  It is the dessert of the cereal world.  Good job, you finished all that strenuous chewing now go on and enjoy what we left you friend.

P.S. Cinnamon Toast Crunch leaves the best cereal milk on planet Earth.

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