What to expect from the 2018 NBA Draft


With the NBA Draft coming Thursday night, there are a couple things that you should expect this year.  The most exciting league on the planet will welcome in the next crop of entertainers.  I mean players, sorry.  The NBA offseason is almost exciting as the season and the NBA Draft plays a part in that.  For a refresher, here is the order for you folks:


Adam Silver will not get booed

Unlike fellow commissioner Roger Goodell, people love Adam Silver.  He will most likely be showered with applause as he takes the stage at the Barclays Center in New York.  I have always thought he kind of looks a mixture of a pencil dick and Professor Xavier but I like him nonetheless.  I will let you be the judge on his looks.

PepsiCo And NBA Announce Landmark Marketing Partnership

DeAndre Ayton will go #1

The big man from Arizona will head just down the road to Phoenix to team up with Devin Booker and the young Phoenix Suns.  The face of Puma basketball is expected to make an impact immediately, look out for the Suns to be surprisingly decent next year.

There will be a major trade in the 1st round

Unlike the NFL, the NBA draft usually goes pretty much how people expect it.  There are trades every now and then but usually nothing ground breaking.  I expect a team to make a big jump into the top 10 to take a risk on a player this year.  Many people are interested in Michael Porter Jr. and Trae Young.  Two players with big question marks but high ceilings.  Don’t be surprised if a team outside of the lottery jumps up to snag their franchise player.

Fans of whatever team drafts Luka Doncic will question the move

It happens every single year, a team takes a foreign player and the fan base sits there and makes this face.


They don’t know what to make of it.  They know the foreign player is rated very highly but can you really trust the basketball overseas? My advice as a Bulls fan, hold off judgment.  I was critical of the Bulls taking Lauri Markkanen last year and now I can’t get enough of the Finnisher.

Knicks fans will hate their pick

The New York Knicks could be the worst run franchise in the NBA, maybe all of sports.  To no surprise, their fans are the most pessimistic in the league.  They usually screw up the draft and even if they make a good pick their fans will question James Dolan.  The pick will get booed, New Yorkers will continue to be the depressed, negative Nancy’s that they are.

The suits the draft picks wear will not disappoint

The NBA is BY FAR the most fashionable league.  This league takes zero days off when it comes to expressing themselves.  These future rookies will take this as an opportunity to really make a statement. Just take a look at Joakim from 2007.


What a legendary look, David Stern could not look more like a confused, old, white man.  The suits will be flashy from head to toe.  It is a sight to see, I will most likely have a recap blog on Friday just about the suits.

No one will watch the 2nd round

The one downside of the NBA draft is that it is interesting for about an hour or so.  If you are not picked in the 1st round, odds are you will ride the bench the entire year.  The second round is littered with projects and players who you have never heard of.

Grab some popcorn folks, the NBA loves the big stage.  There are sure to be some exciting moves come Thursday night.  What will happen you ask? Only time will tell, stay tuned!

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