Would you wear Puma basketball shoes?


The word around town is that both Marvin Bagley and potential #1 pick DeAndre Ayton have both signed with footwear and apparel endorsement with Puma. You may be thinking to yourself “Wow, I didn’t even know Puma made basketball shoes. What a crazy world we live in!” You would be very correct with that proclamation. This is a crazy world we live in, just last week the Don himself had a 12 second hand shake with Kim Jong Un.  That is very crazy.  You also would be correct in the sense that Puma has not made a basketball shoe in almost 20 years.  The last shoe they made was for Vince Carter back in 1998.

My boy Big D is all over this story, Puma will also be releasing some of its finest kicks from back in the day.

This begs the question, would you wear Puma basketball shoes?

On this very site, I debated to myself and my legion of loyal readers whether you would choose Nike or Adidas.  I never thought Puma would enter into the game of basketball.  They are very popular with footy players and have some exposure in the golf world.

Personally, I would not wear Puma to play basketball.  I have the option of wearing Nike or Adidas, two companies who have been dominating this space for years on end.  I would prefer to not wear a shoe associated with country club golfers or wimpy field fairies. (I would kill for soccer fans or golf fans to be outraged by this article)

Ayton had an interesting comment when explaining his choice to sign with Puma.

He claims it is now a business but then says you don’t just want a product.  Even though I am sure he is going to have his own shoe, apparel with his logo, all that good stuff.  Hey Mr. Ayton, those are all products.  He says he is just trying to get bank but in reality if you play well Nike and Adidas offer you the highest ceiling in terms of financial gain.

Maybe one day DeAndre Ayton is the face of Puma basketball and is ruling the world.  I won’t hold my breath for that.  Instead I will watch with a look of confusion as you gallop down the court in a pair of racing shoes framed as basketball sneakers.

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