Joga Bonito Folks


The World Cup starts today.  For two months every year, people across the United States realize just how cool soccer is.  Granted, they forget about shortly after it is over.  Maybe one day it will stick…probably not.

The best part about this all is joga bonito is back.  We get to watch one of the most exciting groups of human beings perform their craft.  The Brazilian soccer team plays the most thrilling soccer for the casual soccer fan.  They are tactical but also play with “we are better than you and are going to show it by embarrassing you” flair.  The things they can do with a soccer ball would be classified under wizardry.

Folks, it is fun to watch.

I am going to throw it back to a collection of some of the greatest soccer commercials in existence.  I know plenty of you have seen this, but we all need to be remembered just how electric these dudes are. Also, please note the introductions from the most interesting man in the world. Oh yea, each and every one of them are cool enough to go by one name.  We all know you need to be of certain stature to pull that move off.

Joga Bonito my friends.





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