Here’s how the Rockets can win this series


Last night, the Houston Rockets decided to really make the Western Conference Finals a series.  From NBA fans everywhere, we thank you.  Thank you for breathing a little bit of excitement into what has been a very underwhelming Conference Finals thus far.

Can the Rockets actually upset the Warriors?  Crazy to think the team that won 65 games in the regular season would have to pull an upset to advance to the Finals.  When you face a generational team in the Warriors, regular season stats do not matter one bit folks.

The series heads back to Houston on Thursday.  I know I said the Warriors were too good at basketball but here is exactly how the Rockets can win the series…


Come out in the old school Rockets jerseys. Simple as that.

Everyone loves throwback uniforms. Everyone loves the 90s.  Bring out the players that won the only franchise championships in 1994 and 1995.  Play 90s music throughout the entire night. Change the court to the this layout.


The crowd would go absolutely BANANAS. Darren Rovell would have an absolute field day tweeting about how merchandise sales of throwback uniforms are now up 187%!  The Warriors simply would not know what hit them.  They would be too focused on the court and jerseys to realize James Harden just dunked on them again.  Momentum from the series would be theirs heading into Game 6 at Golden State.  If they happen to lose that game, then I have the perfect idea for Game 7…


Houston, prepare for liftoff..

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