When is the peak of your sports career?


I am 27 years old.  Today’s superstar athletes are mostly all younger than me.  This makes me feel fantastic about myself.  I would much rather be working in corporate America than playing a game for a living while making millions of dollars. Thanks for asking!

It made me realize these young athletes are not even in the peak of their athletic career.  They are just entering it while mine is well beyond visibility in my rearview mirror.  This then made me wonder when most people have their athletic peaks.  I broke it down into a couple age groups to really pinpoint just when we all started to become unathletic slobs who pant after a few flights of stairs.

Ages 0-7: The Early Years

If you peaked athletically during these years then let’s be honest you probably never began to ascend athletically in your life.  The first half of this stage is a complete blackout.  The second half of this stage you are just learning how to play each sport.  You are much more concerned about the orange slices than really learning how to force a defender to their left foot.  You just like being outside and running around a bit.  Nowadays, kids probably hate this stage and would rather be on their iPad playing a stupid game. Screw those kids.

Ages 8-14: The Formative Years

This is the stage where you basically find out if you have any athletic talent at all.  You have spent summers at different camps.  You head into junior high so some of the lucky ones hit puberty.  I would guess a lot of folks hit their athletic peak during this time.  Especially the ones that started to shave during this period, you for sure were a superstar then.  Look at you now, such a slob.  This is when a lot of kids turn to travel sports.  If you played travel sports, you knew you were another kind of cool.  I played travel sports and I can tell you this was BY FAR my athletic peak.  After these years, it was all just a bunch of disappointment and dreams of what could have been.

Ages 15-20: The High School/Early College Years

If you were a legitimate athlete, this is when you peaked.  God damnit, the glory days were the best for you right here.  You were the talk of high school.  You were featured on the back page of the newspaper.  Cheerleaders wanted to date you and everyone that peaked in the early years wanted to be you.  You carried a little of that skill into college and maybe played a bit.  The NCAA told us it fell off after that though, sorry.

Ages 21-40: The Rest of your Life

If this was your peak of athletic performance then you are most likely a professional athlete.  This is when everyone’s athletic skills completely fall off a cliff.  Maybe you run a few 5ks, play in a rec league basketball league, golf in the summer, and maybe a 16 inch softball league with the boys.  That is about it though.  Being an adult sucks and losing all your athletic ability doesn’t make it any easier.

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