The Warriors are simply too good at basketball


Last night, the NBA playoffs officially started for the Golden State Warriors.  Actually, they may not have even started with how they treated the Houston Rockets.  This group of players is simply too good for any other NBA team to compete.

Their too cool superstar, Steph Curry, didn’t even have a good game.  The greatest 3 point shooter in NBA history shot 1-5 from long distance and the Warriors still won by 13 points.  Kevin Durant was virtually unstoppable, finishing with 37 points.  Klay Thompson went for 28 points and seemed to drain every open three he had.  Draymond Green only had 5 point but added 9 rebounds and 9 assists.  The Warriors as a whole shot 52.5% from the field and you felt they could play even better than they did.

The Rockets seemed to give the Warriors their all last night.  James Harden played like James Harden.  Not playoff James Harden, he played like MVP James Harden.  Chris Paul scored a quiet 23 points and Clint Capela added 12 points.  The issue was the Rockets got virtually no production from their bench outside of Eric Gordon.  Trevor Ariza got 5 fouls within 15 seconds of being in the game.  His replacement. Gerald Green, seemed to come in and commit 4 fouls almost instantly as well. In order for them to even have a chance to win a single game, thy will need more production from their role players.

Even with production from role players and everyone else playing at their top potential, I do not think this Rockets team has a chance to win this series.  I think the Warriors will most likely slip up once, maybe twice, and the Rockets will still a game or two.  This just comes down to the Warriors having entirely too much firepower.  If one the best shooter in the NBA struggles, then no worries they have the second best shooter in the NBA on their team!  If he struggles, then don’t you fret they have former MVP Kevin Durant to turn to!

This series should be fun but I am not expecting it to go much further than 5 games.  Either way, we should all bask in the greatness that is the Warriors.  This could go down as one of the best teams in NBA history, enjoy it folks!

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