Make the Cubs/Sox Rivalry Great Again


On Friday afternoon, the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox will kick off the Crosstown Cup.  This rivalry has lost a lot of luster in the past few years and damnit, it is time to make it great again.

This rivalry has been going on for only 21 years but for the last 10 it has become more of another series than a rivalry.  In my opinion, it really started to go downhill when they decided to make the prize a dumb trophy.  In 2010, the Cubs and Sox marketing departments teamed up to create the BP Cup.  Players on both sides did not take this seriously and it became more of a gimmick than anything.  The worst part about it all, the teams started playing two two-game series against each other instead of the standard three-game series.

The couple years prior to the Cup, this rivalry was at an all time high.  Michael Barrett and AJ Pierzynski created one of the most iconic moments in Chicago sports history.  For those of you who know or remember what I am talking about, please see below.  It’s Friday Cubs fans, enjoy.

AJ was a player that you hated unless he was on your team.  He became a legend in Sox history for his antics as well as his heroics in their World Series run.  Needless to say, he created a moment Chicago sports fans will remember forever.

There is more history between these two than this fight though.  The legendary White Sox announcer, Hawk Harrelson vowed to never step foot in Wrigley Field.  In 1997, Jerry Reinsdorf said Cubs fans were “very enthusiastic,” adding: “Sox fans are more demanding. They’re more knowledgeable about the game. They don’t like to watch bad baseball.”  In 2011, Ozzie Guillen called the visitors clubhouse and outdated facilities at Wrigley a dump. (He was not wrong about that). In 2008, Ozzie added that the rats at Wrigley are bigger than pigs.  In 2001, Sox infielder Jose Valentin imitated Sammy Sosa’s homerun routine after a homerun. Hey guys, notice a pattern here.  Little brother seems to always have something to say….just sayin.  Most recently the Cubs traded two prized prospects in Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease for Jose Quintana.  Unfortunately, Q has yet to face his former team with his current one.

As you can see, there is plenty of history between these two teams.  The Cubs have become a powerhouse in the MLB, while the White Sox are in the middle of a massive rebuild.  This is exactly why I think it is the perfect time to make this rivalry great again.  The White Sox have an ocean of prospects ready to take off.  These guys are good, don’t let the White Sox record fool you right now.  Their prospects are the real deal and the Sox will be good in a couple years.  That is why it is important to get this going now.  There is no better platform for the young guys to strut their stuff than against the powerhouse that is the Chicago Cubs. (I know they aren’t doing so hot so far but we all know that won’t last)

You can LITERALLY take the L from one stadium to the other.  The stadium, fans, teams, and entire city are too close to not at least get some friendly banter going. Here is my ask to my millions of Chicago readers, go talk a little shit to some of your friends who are fans of the opposing team. Get rid of the stupid Cup.  Make every series with these teams from here on out a three-game series. Most importantly, embrace the rivalry.  Not many cities have the luxury of having two teams, show some pride in your team this weekend.

And most importantly. go Cubs.

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