The success of Boston sports is truly incredible


The Boston Celtics took down the Philadelphia 76ers last night, to take a commanding 2-0 series lead in the Conference Semifinals.  The Boston Bruins play tonight to try to even their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL Playoffs.  Nothing to see here, just two more Boston teams deep into the playoffs on championship runs.

I was recently talking with my roommate about cities that have had very impressive sports runs as of late.  We discussed Cleveland with the Cavaliers and the Indians.  We discussed the Bay Area with the Warriors and Giants.   We discussed Chicago with the Cubs and the Blackhawks.  One city that was never brought into this conversation, Boston.  This wasn’t because we forgot them, it was because they are simply the best and do not even need to be discussed.  It is similar to when you are playing video games against your friends and it is just accepted that you can’t be the best team in the game.  That just wouldn’t be fair.  Well, that is how Boston has treated the rest of the sports world.  It just isn’t fair.

Since the year 2000, a Boston sports team has won a championship 9 different years.  In the last 18 years, half of the years a team from Boston won a championship.  Think about that for a second.  It has been a coin flip whether or not the city of Boston hosts a parade for the last EIGHTEEN years!  That is absolute lunacy.  For reference, here are a couple cities who haven’t had one championship from any team in a long, long time:

Cincinnati: Reds in 1990

Minnesota: Twins in 1991

Washington DC: Redskins in 1991

Toronto: Blue Jays in 1993

Atlanta: Braves in 1995

It has been over 20 years since each of these cities hosted one parade.  In Boston, it is strange if there is no parade to be planned.  If you are currently 18 years of age, you are heading into college having seen 10 championships in your city.  TEN FREAKING CHAMPIONSHIPS!  You can’t drink a sip of alcohol legally but you don’t remember a time when you weren’t winning.  Winning is just in your DNA, it really is incredible.

If you are that age and are heading to college next year, you don’t know what it was like during the Red Sox curse.  You simply only know them as consistent championship contenders.  The Patriots have been in the Super Bowl 8 times during your life and have won it 5 times.  You have seen 5 titles alone from Tom Brady.  Most humans will not see 5 titles from their sports teams in their entire lives.

It has gotten to the point where Boston sports fans legitimately don’t get excited until the playoffs.  The regular season has become a complete bore for them.  They never really stress about sports because well they have won so much.  Everything at this point is just icing on the cake.

So screw you Boston. We all hate your sports success….we’re actually just jealous, please share the wealth.

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