Is Steph Curry the most universally beloved athlete of this generation?


Steph Curry returned from injury last night and stepped on the court to instantly hit a three pointer.  Surprised? Me neither.  He has not played in nearly six weeks and casually put up 28 points in his return.  The man is unstoppable, this got me thinking…

Steph Curry is the most beloved athlete of this generation.

LeBron has more people that want to cut his head off than cheer for him.  Kevin Durant used to be beloved, now majority of people associate him with the word coward.  Everyone loves Mike Trout, but baseball doesn’t like promoting their product so no one really gets exposed to him.  Bryce Harper is too cocky for most.  A lot of people outside of New England despise Tom Brady, I simply call that jealousy. Michael Phelps only comes around every 4 years. Michael Jordan is the most beloved athlete of all time but I consider him the generation before us.

Everyone loves Steph Curry.  The man has done literally nothing wrong.   He was recruited by virtually no top tier college programs.  He decided to go to Davidson and took them on a Cinderella run his sophomore season.  He went on to lead the nation in scoring his junior year.  He came into the league and it took a hot second for Curry to really shine in the NBA.  His first few seasons were riddled with injury and mediocre performance. In the 2014-2015 season, Steph Curry shined brightest and never looked back.

He went on to win the MVP that season and led the Warriors to an NBA Championship.  In the process of all this, he put up highlight after highlight.  Majority of the country would go to sleep and wake up with a new array of Steph Curry three pointers from outside of the gym.  He revolutionized the game of basketball.  Kids across the globe shifted from driving to the hoop like Kobe and Jordan, to shooting shots from 40 feet away like Chef Curry.  He then went on to another MVP award and Finals appearance in the 2015-2016 season.  The following season his team won 73 games and another NBA Championship. Ho hum.

It would be remiss of me to at least not mention the one thing Steph Curry got completely roasted for…



Steph got absolutely demolished on Twitter for releasing these basketball shoes.  Lucky for him, he is amazing at basketball.  He continued to put on an absolute show each night and soon enough everyone forgot about the nurse practitioner shoes he released.

He is a 5 handicap golfer, he made his pro debut this year on the tour.  His entire family has become stars, including his daughter Riley.  Everyone remember this when another Curry decided to jump into the spotlight…

His father was in the NBA for a while, for God’s sake even his mother is extremely good looking.


The thing about Steph Curry that does not show up in the stat sheet or in his bio is that everything he does is cool.  He makes a 45 foot three pointer look as effortless as humanly possible.  He chews his mouth guard during the game like he doesn’t have a care in the world.  He has stayed loyal to the team that drafted him and never once considered leaving (for now).  He has won multiple gold medals for USA.  He married his longtime girlfriend, Ayesha, and has stayed out of any sort of controversy in the public eye.

It is very hard to hate someone like Steph Curry.  In my opinion, sports need more people like him.  He is the perfect mix of cocky yet confident.  He does everything with such grace and is a role model to kids across the globe.

The best part about this all, he is part of the greatest super team of all time yet will get zero of the blame for creating it.  He will forever be looked at as the guy that started one of the greatest runs by a franchise in NBA history.  I tip my cap to you Chef Curry, keep amazing us all night after night.

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