Start talking to people on public transportation


This is something that has been bothering me for quite some time and I need to get it off my chest.  Why do people not speak to each other on public transportation?

I get we are all packed like sardines, being driven by a stranger, to a job we most likely would rather not be at.  Why do we need to be dead silent literally at all times?  I feel like the only time people speak on the L is to spew hatred at others or your incompetent bus driver.  Public’s words, not mind.  I think all bus drivers are great….except for every single one of them that thinks they are the only vehicle on the road.  I digress

In the morning, I get it.  It is early, you are headed to your job that as I just explained you don’t like.  My issue really comes with the commute home from work.  That is an exciting time, you are finally free from the shackles.  You now have time to yourself.  Everyone is in a good mood when they leave work, it is human nature.  Why am I then met with 35 death stares if I happen to be talking on the phone at that time?  Have people just become extremely cynical?

The most important issue with all of this lays with the single folk of America.  I am not single, nor do I think my fiance would like me speaking with random strangers.  She may think people would be hitting on me, she is probably right.  I am an absolutely stunning human being.  The point being, this is the absolute perfect moment for single folk to strike up a conversation.  You already have a topic of conversation.  You both are done with work and are jam packed on this metal canister that transports you from hell (your job) to heaven (your bed).  I feel like back in the day, strangers would talk to each other and that is how marriages started.  Right then and there, strangers talk, they get off the bus, and head straight to the courthouse. Matrimony people.

I don’t know how to start this movement, but I think it would be awesome if everyone slowly but surely started talking to each other on the way home from work.  I am putting this on my Tuners, go out there and meet your future wife.  What a story that will be to your kids.  Daddy, how’d you meet mom?  Well son, I used my charm and swept her right off her feet at the bus stop as a homeless man peed in the corner.

One thought on “Start talking to people on public transportation

  1. headphones, the problem is headphones. I’m not, not going to be jamming to music or Howard Stern on my daily commute.

    “Hey, Hey, …. hey excuse me, miss! Thanks for taking out your ear buds. We both just go out of work, huh? how are you doing?”


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