Introducing your new Cleveland Browns Quarterback


The Cleveland Browns have said they are taking pretty much every single top prospect at this point.   They have been keeping their actual plans very close to the vest while providing a lot of smoke and mirrors.  Well it looks like we may have finally figured out who the Browns will be selecting with the #1 pick…

Not the person you thought huh? Me neither.

For about a month now, it has been the consensus that Sam Darnold would be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. He is the most polished of all the quarterbacks and seems like the safe pick for a franchise quarterback.  It seems as though the Browns really like Baker Mayfield, who has been shooting up draft boards recently.

Just a few weeks back, I wildly predicted the Patriots would select Baker.  Admittedly, this was just an article to get some pageviews but I think it may have caught the eye of Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey.  I have heard is an avid STF reader, what’s up John?

The question remains, is this the right pick? On paper, his stats show he should be taken 1st overall.  He has the two highest-rated college QB rating seasons ever.  He was last year’s Heisman winner. He threw for 4,627 yards, 43 touchdowns, and had a completion percentage of just over 70%.  He had one of the best Wonderlic scores ever. He led his Sooners to its third Big 12 championship before losing in the national semifinals.

He has had some off the field issues and is one of the more brash quarterbacks around.  He seems to be quite the leader, which is what you look for in a franchise quarterback.  The biggest concern for this entire process has absolutely nothing to do with Baker Mayfield.  The issue here is this is the Cleveland Browns.  They have a long, long, long history of drafting failed franchise quarterbacks.  You have all seen the famous picture but I think it is the only way to depict their drafting failures…

Screen-Shot-2016-03-25-at-10.43.23-PM (1)

Whoever the Browns draft at quarterback, everyone will think that was the wrong decision simply because of who they are.  Personally, I think it would’ve been smart to just go with the safe pick.  The Browns have a plethora of picks this draft to bolster their roster.  I do not see the point in taking somewhat of a risk with the first overall pick.  It could be a big facade and they will end up taking Darnold.  To be honest, it would be heard to pass on someone who recreates this epic image anyways.


Enjoy the draft everyone and at the end of the day just remember this: Vontae Mack, no matter what.

2 thoughts on “Introducing your new Cleveland Browns Quarterback

  1. I was shocked to see Baker selected 1st overall. I think he’s a mental midget, self-absorbed, and had a college team of elite players making him look better than he is. We’ll see…


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